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  1. Well done Gary From Jim Honeyman
  2. Thanks for info Fifer one to watch
  3. Looking good especially the wee blue pied
  4. Weather terrible for the time of the year especially for training
  5. Birds looking good Fifer & Your loft
  6. Spending Xmas at my house with my partner having my daughter son-inlaw and and grandchildren for Xmas dinner and mabey a wine or two
  7. Nice car Fifer I also prefer the automatic simple to drive
  8. Well done Marc your family is so proud of you
  9. Hope this resolves the problem this time Fifer most definate doesnt need this at his age only wants to keep himself occupied by racing his pigeons
  10. Well done Davie From Jim Honeyman
  11. Lippa

    Wee Fifer

    Wow well done Marc (Wee Fifer)
  12. If wood is treated it should not need painted "Ask any joiner"
  13. What a change in the weather hopefully better tomo
  14. I most definate would not paint it its perfect the way it is and if its been treated let the weather do the job "Stunning Loft "
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