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  1. Looking forward in seeing compleated loft pic
  2. Lippa


    Aw hour less in bed
  3. Well done to all involved for a Fantastic cause lovely photo Fifer
  4. Fantastic Sale by Fantastic People
  5. Yes many times on Elimar Auctions & Pipa Auctions
  6. Hi Ian I will donate a youngster from my stock loft bred from De Raun -Sablon & Aelbrecht. This is a worthy cause The Haematology/Oncology Day Unit do a fantastic job providing treatment for cancer patients Jim Honeyman (Kennoway)
  7. Lippa

    Elimar Tut Tut

    Im sure there is cheaper couriers out there if you purchase a pigeon from Elimar you can get your own courier at a cheaper price
  8. Lippa


    Only one way to deal with it if you dont enjoy it stay clear
  9. Lippa


    Above pigeon SU16F 1833 Belongs to Jim Honeyman -Kennoway Tel 01333301747
  10. Lippa


    Well Done Jock "If anyone deserves it You Do " From Jim Honeyman
  11. Happy Fathers Day Dad (Fifer) xxxx
  12. Try Thermovac Plastics on line im sure they have them
  13. Well Done from Jim Honeyman
  14. Is this in this weeks BHW if so what page
  15. Aw she is lovely Dad,"I knew you would get another one "
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