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Any Ideas


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Guest johnhunter

Pied cock that has returned from falaise

Poor wee bugger cannot keep his food down

Gave him worm tablet

Since then metrodinazole tab

Still no joy

Obviously picked something up on his efforts to get home

put some grit down its throat

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Has to be a very light feed smalls seeds for first few days. I would try pellets mick but not too many. Just a little for first few days. They will also make it drink and hopefuly the mush will stay down m8!

He has only been getting squeaky mix

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Also mick, if ur able to get ur hands on one duck egg you could whisk it then try get some down its throat with a syringe. It if it stays down for 24 hrs it'll do ur bird a bit of good and later you could get a charcol tab down its throat also. That will help clean and sweetin the crop. Hope you get it sorted Mick good luck!

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Sorry Mick meant to say if u do happen to get ur hands on a duck egg, just the yolk from it should do the trick.

Sounds like ur bird hasnt eatin in days before getting home he sounds like a fighter so dont give up. In the meantime what about some honey in lukewarm water syringed down his throat. He's weak at the minute so a forced drink might help him along try it for a few days see how it goes m8.

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Mick this is probably caused by a swelling inside the crop which means the pigeon cannot digest food. Provided it is remaining hydrated it should be able to digest a very small seed like rapeseed. After a few days on that it should start eating properly.

This would be in addition to some of the remedies mentioned.

I know you don't feed grit. Grit and black minerals might be a useful addition at this point in time.

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Had similar happen a few years ago, the doo had been picking at rubbish after a few days out. Lots of small stones etc in it's crop. Tried all sorts I was that desperate to keep it alive, unfortunately it died.I think something caused a blockage as it was in pain.

If I was you I would try and get some medical advice,might be an idea to call a vet, like Deweerdt, or or Tom Pennycott at Auchencruive College,or maybe even Rod Adams. Even if you can't get the bird to them they might be able to direct you to a solution.

Rod has saved a fair few over the years.

Good luck with it.

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