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Out All Year


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Just got a yb from last years Charnock Richards yb race, feathers all withered and run down etc, perfect for next year, don't you agree ? ( that's my 2nd yb from this race ive had work in this year ) :emoticon-0157-sun:

go rite back under bridge del :animatedpigeons: :animatedpigeons:

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My first bird from eastbourne turned up after 8 months. Can't do fook all with him as he sits on roofs and wont exercise but 333 miles sitting eggs nae bother


I wish I had a team of 20 birds that had roughed it for several months Dal. You cant buy experience like that.

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We had a 2013 red cock lost at an early young bird race in that year who turned up just short of a year late, absolutely filthy and his flights were worn away to stumps. He had been lost so long I think he forgot how to get into the loft as he was floating bout the roof of the house for hours before he came down to the loft. Anyway, he moulted through and turned out to be a really smart looking pigeon. He has been raced through the programme this year as a 2YO and was on the national result at both Portsmouth and Eastbourne. He has taken everything in his stride this season so much so that he is quite likely to be at Clermont this coming week. His year out in the wilds seems to have done him no harm.

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Guest paulrstokes

one came back autumn 2014 lost as a 2013 YB training, never had a race.


This year 2 50 mile chucks and a 95 mile chuck


sent to BICC faliase 255 mile, as his first race, and my first race south


102nd open out of over 4000

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