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Help Please.

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Being hopeless with laptops I'm having problems again.I used to be able to scroll up and down using the pad on the laptop but now I have to use the arrows at the side of the page.It's driving me mad,is there an option to take me back to the old way.Thanks for any help lads.

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Check to see if there are any updates for the laptop, ie. Samsung/Acer etc. Sometimes there are updates for the pad.

Cheers will do,I think I've caused the problem myself because it happened after I signed onto photobucket,which I have now uninstalled as that gave me other problems.

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sounds like the "touchpad" driver/software has been disabled. This may have happened when you were uninstalling stuff.


This normally starts on bootup and there should be a little icon on the bottom right of the screen beside the clock to show you that its running.


On Dell machines this is called "Dell Touchpad" but will be called something similiar for other brands.



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