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Birds Out Or In

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guys pigeons cant catch bird flu this is fact but some bright spark from the government suggested that they might be able to carry it on there feet to a poultry farm when coming home from racing or training which as far as i know has never been proven in fact scientist now say this is impossible

ps scientist have even injected bird flu into hundreds of pigeons and not one bird showed any symptoms this is a case of defra and others flexing there muscles on something they know nothing about which should be taken up with the SHU and RPRA before they try to stop us racing next year

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whats going on all over the BHW today how your pigeons can catch Avian Flu yet scientists in America proved even pigeons injected

with Avian Flu not only did not get it but could not spread it google it yet deffra say they can so why is our streets not littered with dead pigeons i smell a rat somewhere

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