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Doos Killed


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I got a phone call from friend and clubmate asking me if I could pop round and see him problem was when he open up doos were lying all over the loft dead some with no heads others piled up a bloody mess . When I arrived and saw the mess it was heart breaking . As we were talking outside the loft what came running out the door a big pine martin It was off like a bullet . We know how it got in .I gave him a hand to clean up the mess 50 birds kept 28 dead. Heart breaking many of the y/b birds were purchased for good money this was his future stock mostly all gone So sad he is going to think it over the next few days to see if there is any future for him in the sport. In the last year this same loft was broken into twice and had birds removed . I do hope he keeps the birds going but I cant blame hime for leaving the sport

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Aye gavin nae good, I had 10 hens killed a few weeks ago, also had their heads taken off. Alot more pine Martin's on the go than people relise. Remember a few years ago in builders knocked down a chimney down by Duff house and there was baby pine Martins in it. Hopefully your mate carrys on

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If animals as big as pine Martins can get in the loft, it's going to be over run with vermin causing illness in your birds, you need 1/4" mesh everywhere, behind vents and covering any gaps for ventilation - and use the brushvdraught excluders on the sides of outer sliding doors if you have them

Good point

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