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Grouse Shooting


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I watched a report in the tv news ref grouse shooting Should it be banned was the question . The rspca said yes , the amount of carnage it was doing to wild life was was unbelievable, this is some of the list what was being killed on the estates and shoots. Hen harriers just about wiped out all other raptors in decline shot or trapped. Foxes snared as well as wild cats, crows ravens all shot hedgehogs, stoats ,and weasels . All these creatures mention but no one word about racing pigeons Ive had birds returned to me shot with a shotgun Does our bird not count???.

I cant see how they can stop this going on. Most of the big estate owners are billionares , what does money mean power. Who is going to go to Balmoral and tell the queen enough is enough She is now on her holidays at balmoral would you stand ouside the gates of the estate with a plycard saying grouse shootin is cruel stop it now I think it would be off with your head lol

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You can go on to a piece of managed land (keeper) and the wildlife is thriving who do these people think have managed the land for hundreds of years and l think they have done quite a good job, what have the do gooders done

Agree 100% to many so called do gooders.

Know nothing but that doesn't stop them spouting crap.

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I was first threatened by a landowner brandishing a loaded shotgun when I was ten years old, these experiences affect ones adult thinking I am afraid.


I was threatened many times and shot at at the end of the day I was no mean to be where I was (poaching) and fond memories good times no like the snow flake world of today, sad times we live in, JMO

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