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  1. Black Pied Hen SU19P5957 just dropped in. BOLDON COLLIERY TYNE&WEAR NE35 9HG.
  2. Cheq Hen just dropped in.
  3. My phone number in the pm has a zero first. It wouldnt let me type it un.
  4. Just came in Boldon Colliery. Tyne & Wear.
  5. Same here,still muppets dog walking then stopping to chat to others. My missus in lock down over 3 weeks as she has underlying problems. Iv been in it most my life as i don't get visitors to my allotment very often and none at all now...miserable sod aye but always been happy with my own company. 😄
  6. My best stock cock at the minute is a luella engels and the only water has flew over is the bath. Bred a few upto 460ish flying with unc.
  7. Patagoon and they hammer it if allowed. I put a pot in morning and the same late afternoon,20 pair. Bought a 25k bag of black and pink minerals off ebay 25 quid each. They get that anawl ðŸ‘
  8. Looks the dogs..... Very nice.
  9. Trouble with the round a bout again..
  10. Whats it they say when you start repeating yourself... Whats it they say when you start repeating yourself...
  11. If your physio is that good will he not do the boxes
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