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  1. Black Pied Hen SU19P5957 just dropped in. BOLDON COLLIERY TYNE&WEAR NE35 9HG.
  2. Cheq Hen just dropped in.
  3. My phone number in the pm has a zero first. It wouldnt let me type it un.
  4. Just came in Boldon Colliery. Tyne & Wear.
  5. Same here,still muppets dog walking then stopping to chat to others. My missus in lock down over 3 weeks as she has underlying problems. Iv been in it most my life as i don't get visitors to my allotment very often and none at all now...miserable sod aye but always been happy with my own company. 😄
  6. My best stock cock at the minute is a luella engels and the only water has flew over is the bath. Bred a few upto 460ish flying with unc.
  7. Patagoon and they hammer it if allowed. I put a pot in morning and the same late afternoon,20 pair. Bought a 25k bag of black and pink minerals off ebay 25 quid each. They get that anawl ðŸ‘
  8. Looks the dogs..... Very nice.
  9. Trouble with the round a bout again..
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