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  1. Rainman

    In tonight

    Su 21 tr 1080
  2. Hi i have in my possession pigeon ring number su 21 AF 194 handed in to me by non fancier any takers
  3. Rainman

    Dk Jamieson

    Top flyer at the distance one day he will be king i am certain of that and very well deserved it will be too
  4. Is there any fanciers near littlebrough lancashire i have a bird with a non fancier thanks
  5. Well done team smart nice wee lift aswell
  6. Rainman

    In Today

    In today ch pied su 19 m 838 also found dead in my driveway su 19 m 938 cheq
  7. Has anyone heard of or seen or use a mix called breed n speed from vanrobaeys if so what is it like thanks
  8. Defo sat 19th and sun 20th martin
  9. Rainman

    Auld Harry0

    Wishing the old fella a speedy recovery rab atb
  10. Rainman


    Shaun is dealing with it big thanks to shaun and also you redcheqhen for your help, the people that had the bird were coming up to edinburgh next week and willing to bring bird with them but i didnt want a non fancier walking about edinburgh city centre with a pigeon in a cat box for couple hours so made other arrangements thank you all
  11. Rainman


    Bedlington ne22 5sj
  12. Rainman


    Any members live near northumberland i have a pigeon with a non fancier any help would be appreciated thanks
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