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  1. lol but he is advertising a food high high protein
  2. Love beans used to hopper feed But it's all about correct % the body only stores 20 % protein The best energy source is fats too much however like everything is bad for them.carbs are burned first as they are the readily available then fats then protein once this is burned the body metabolizes protein by taking it from muscle tissue hence the state "flown out" very thin and no muscle around the keel.correct training correctly prep and correct diet Ask yourself this how many marathon runners live on a high protein diet and look like the hulk even gone are the over muscled sprinter long lean and the correct amount of muscle Foo for thought!!!
  3. dwh

    Studs !

    common sense really will always be more losers than winners why would they advertise there lose % its bad biz. how many have louella sold over the years probably near to a million ? same rule applies like the man said you pays your money !!!!!!!!!
  4. any good hp mix + barley + beans and a few seeds then hopper fed winter mix beans and barley after the moult till 2weeks b4 pairing up
  5. Rab and me got the two strongest teams in the league !!!! We propping the rest up
  6. Eh!!!! If they or you got too much bad you will see in the birds droppings And if you got too many bad yer backside and if your not quick enough the wife will tell you when she does the washing
  7. dwh

    Any Helpers

    Jocky empty your PM box
  9. nice but my 52 reg focus GHIA IS THE DOGS BitS LOL
  10. Excellent intelligent level headed. Response
  11. the way celtic are playing ronny della will be signing on too :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  12. I'm going to tesco :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  13. I'm no jock Tommy And your doing exactly what I said painting over the cracks you can race from where you want steamroller the playing field if you want numbers are dwindling fact maybe more birds being sent but by fewer lofts our club had 35 lofts when I started the club 2 mile up the road had 25+ and so on you'll be lucky if there's 40 between the 2 sooner or later feds will become clubs in our Fed alone there are clubs with less than 10 members and struggling you'll be lucky if there are 10% of club membership s under 30 the very young soon find other distractions we can't compete with x boxes PlayStation never mind teenage hormones expletive remove they'd rather spend there money and time killing aliens for 2 hours than looking after livestock
  14. The NO.1 problem It's a dieing sport it's a sport from generations past no advancements that has brought it into the 21st century it can't compete with the modern day pastimes it doesn't excite the youth of today and hasn't for years in. The numbers that it needs to sustain a sport it's a sport that needs time and patience many many of the youth of today don't have it And THAT is the reason our sport is dieing You can cover it up blame anything you want throw as much money at it as you want but without investment by the youth of today it will fade into oblivion Sorry lads JMO wwe are seen just like whlppet racing as a flat cap sport a dieing breed
  15. Simple really a specialist club within feds etc the Sprint lads go to the inland races alongside the other birds up to whatever distance specified and the members of the club nom their birds the rest of the season the longer races they have a choice they send or they don't The distance lads don't like the shorter races but see a need and a preference for others If they want extra racing a 60_100 mile race can be sorted using a small trailer big enough to accommodate the birds comfortably and go the day of the race If I've picked it up wrong just ignore me lol
  16. So I have to stay away from the wife lol
  17. So how do we reduce yb losses lol
  18. I take it you fly celibate clocks lol
  19. It's great being top of the food chain let some one introduce a real threat to there precious raptor you'd here the yelp from here too Brussels expletive remove as for people like mixxy mitosis here don't bother brick wall and head come to mind
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