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  1. thanks for the reply's have been using cider vinegar once or twice a week so I will carry on with it
  2. blue bar

    Water Ph

    Has anyone every thought of testing the ph of the drinking water for the birds and what is the ideal ph level as with all the different water sources eg rain town water and bores
  3. where can I find out about this is there any books on this
  4. does anyone have and use one and what do you think of it I am thinking of getting one to replace my old bricon 500 Thanks
  5. Thanks guys have a merry xmas and happy new year
  6. Hi all just wondering if any of you try sexing youngsters in the nest and what do you look for Thanks
  7. I thought feeding to many maples in there diet was bad for there liver there are fanciers over here that do not feed maples at all
  8. Thanks Alex I will email them
  9. just another one tic beans or soy beans??
  10. Thanks Alex does it give a brake down of the minerals then I might be able to compare anything over here
  11. could someone tell me please what is in Johnsons tonic as I do not know if we can get it here in NZ
  12. Hard race what are the Germans doing there birds are always at the top
  13. Merry xmas to all and happy new year
  14. Thanks guys had a good day with family
  15. Hi could anyone that uses G10 pellets be able to tell me what is in them.
  16. Thanks guys just what i thought, thought i would see if was worth it i will keep my money in my pocket
  17. Hi has anyone used this product and what do they thing of it have there bird proformed any better
  18. Hi just wanting to know the date of the next blackpool show 2015 as planing to come over for it. Thanks
  19. Thanks guys i a great day with the family
  20. i would not use chip board go with plywood it will last longer chip board does not like water it will swell and crumble
  21. Hi are you sure that is being taken off we have had birds that have hit boxes at lib and have come open one fancier had this happen and the ring was around all off its toes this could be happening and there falling off some i say would be taken off by fanciers
  22. error message cant veiw birds
  23. Hi I have a 4 year old stock cock bird that has for the last 2 years has grown its 8th flight on one wing upside down any ideas on what to do with it or what might be causeing the problem would be interested in ideas it is a good breeder out of my family of birds that i have had for a number of years
  24. Thanks guys for the replys interesting you say peanuts how many each and with shell on or off
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