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  1. yes i thought that too it go with my website as well lol
  2. which colour scheme looks best people ?
  3. yeah ill download it and see what they over just im actually in the middle of making one once complete im need some testers to see what they think and what things they like to see on it, it will be totally free and updates will be free like everything i do for this hobby/sport lol little preview
  4. not been on here for years just been busy with family life and my website but im back and looking for info from you guys so im looking for info on Loft Orginizers you guys and gals use. 1. What loft Loft orginizer ? 2. is it easy to use ? 3. why did you pick it ? 4. did it cost you anything ?
  5. So now i have been racing a couple of years and really enjoying it im looking to start finding some older birds maybe latebred of staff van reets i was wonding if any of you men and women could point me the right way that hopfully wont cost me a arm and a leg at the same time i also no they wont be stupidly cheap and thank you all for your help i have added a ped of the first SVR i have been given by a club member to get me start so would like to find him a good hen
  6. ok then thanks for your help ill message them on facebook what about the van reets ? who would you go to for them ?
  7. this is his ped mate to the bird http://s695.photobucket.com/user/lvlasked/media/IMG_0185.jpg.html?o=0
  8. hello i have a marcel sangers cock bird he as bred me some good pigeons a couple have toped won in the club and ben in top20 of the fed not good enuff for some people but im happy with that he is paired to a vanreet hen , so my question is were would i got for either good marcel sanger pigeons in the uk ? or vanreets i will hopfully be trying to get some latbred for stock if possible or i may just buy ybs then race them see what i have as the end but any help would be great
  9. im up at 5am out side clean them change there water and off to work as I start at 5.30am then get home at 2pm lef the cocks out for a hour clean them again and put there feed in there pots, then hens out for a hour clean them put there food in there pots, then youngs go out for 2 hours I clean them out food in a hopper then call them in ,
  10. well now http://www.interpigeon.com/ closed down I carnt shop there so what other sites do people use and think are good ?
  11. well next year as I have come back into the sport is to build a team for the year after and hopfully get a couple cards with my youngbirds that I bred all I can do it try
  12. still 2 more sections togo and still aload work done but at least the birds can move into one of the sections lol
  13. as promised 1 section is complete took me a week to get it done as as had to scrap floor then sand it then spray it all then put loft white down on the floor then board it in and get the boxes into place but hey its done now onto the cocks section god help me lol
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