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  1. anyone bought the dvd if so what do you think
  2. blue bar


    Hi Guys Trying to find out who makes Top-s pigeon seen a clip on u tube about it at the Doncaster show Thanks
  3. Thanks guys had a wonderful day
  4. I have a Kartcher wet and dry works brilliantly
  5. Hi I don't use bleach but I have no problem putting them on vircon for 3 or 4 days at half strength
  6. you will need 2 wires one earth one power for cat to get a shock
  7. I don't think you'll find a 14000 volts unit plus it would most probably be illegal the company's that make hear make them to about 8700 volts that's more than enough you have got to make sure the earth on the unit is well in the damp ground otherwise you don't get maximum effect Gallagher make an s10 which would be more than enough
  8. I would buy them if I could get them into NZ
  9. what breed are they they look good
  10. The guys name is Graham Davison he uses it twice a week at 1 tablespoon to 25 litres water in the moulting and 1 once a month in the race season
  11. Hi all does anyone use copper sulphate in the bath water for the birds read an article about a guy that uses it just wondering how goo it would be he recons its good for the feathers and kills lice and helps with raspatory
  12. very good read what is the difference between roto in livestock eg cows and pigeons as we have had the virus here in NZ in the ybs last year interesting thing is the guys that didn't race in the yb season got it in the old bird season 3 4 months later
  13. Hi Guys with the breeding season now for you fellows what criteria do you use to select your breeders
  14. what do you class as a light mix
  15. what mixes are the best for feeding ybs from weaning till there first race then what do you feed during the race season
  16. sent Ian an email haven't heard back yet
  17. Which is the best programme to use for working out race results for a club and federation we could be looking for one it needs to handle electronic clocks Thanks in advance
  18. thanks for the reply's I am only racing the cocks so if the hens have a mix with 50% barley would I be on the right track first time trying widowhood
  19. they go out every second day get them out before I go to work waiting for day light saving to kick in
  20. What feed should I feed the hens when racing the cocks on widowhood during the week thanks guys in advance
  21. Hi Is the cable plugged in between the club master and the computer and have you checked you have the right comm port selected
  22. Hi could anyone tell me if John has got an email address as I would like to get in touch with him if possible
  23. blue bar

    Arona Olr

    I suppose that's the trouble with one loft races to many birds
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