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  1. Birds liberated 9.15 N/W wind.
  2. Auchendinny 7/5/21. FEDAUCH7521.HTM
  3. Arbroath 1/5/21 FEDARBROATH1521.HTM
  4. The birds home John, don't know when as i was out. Thanks very much.
  5. John, that bird is mine, it is a late bred and the ring won't be registered to anyone. Disappeared Tuesday when out flying with the rest of the birds. I will come up and collect it at your say so. Think the hawk must of been in amongst them.
  6. Just wondered as i have disqualified a bird before when the SHU told me the ring had never been registered to anyone. The person the pigeon belonged to then appealed to the SHU who told me to give the pigeon it's Fed position as it was an admin mistake.
  7. Can i ask, was the ring registered in someone else's name.
  8. Williedoo


    146 birds section G.
  9. If someone knows for sure Mr Hamilton is defenately not a fancier could you let me know.
  10. Can anyone tell me if there's a fancier called Mr Hamilton in Greenloaning Dunblane. If so could you PM me his phone number.
  11. Tow Law 30/8/20. FEDTOWLAW30820 (2).HTM
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