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  1. Sunnybank are basketing between 13.30 and 14.30.
  2. Came in with the race birds today.
  3. Auchendinny 8/8/20. FEDAUCHENDINNY8820.HTM
  4. Hopefully that won't happen. If it did you would have to revert to what we did in the old days, the North boys would have to organise for a member to take all the birds down to Dundee via the Aberdeen bypass.
  5. Aberdeen members won't be travelling more than 5 miles to basket their birds. The Sunnybank Club will be basketing outside one member at a time and 2 meter distancing. The lorry driver will be doing what all Aberdeen lorry drivers will be doing which is driving their lorry's to where ever they are going.
  6. We will be doing clocks again tomorrow Sunday at 13.00.
  7. Thornton 31/7/20. FEDTHORNTON31720.HTM
  8. Just to let fanciers near Thonton know, Aberdeen Fed are racing from there tomorrow Friday instead of Saturday.
  9. Arbroath 26/7/19. FEDARBROATH26720.HTM
  10. Aberdeen Fed are racing from Arbroath tomorrow aswell.
  11. Arbroath 18/7/20. FEDARBROATH18720.HTM
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