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  1. O.K I did not now I had to be put the exact measurements on here so I have changed it to 2ft Square if that helps. I am at the moment not in possession of a cardboard box that Amtrak give you two put six pigeons in,but if anyone out there has please let me now and I will Post the proper dimensions.
  2. I would advise you not to resign,this has happened to someone I know and he himself did not get back into the club.
  3. Two years ago I had pigeons sent to me by Amtrak, but where I stay they get changed to a different courier at a depot down south before heading up here. Anyway they did not arrive the next day so I phoned them.They told me the birds went on the wrong lorry and i would get them the next day. I went down to the depot next day to pick them up myself,I arrived just before the lorry did. I was standing behind the lorry when they opened the door to take the cages of parcels out,I could not beleave it,my pigeons were in one of the cages with parcels and the box was on its end.Six birds standing on1.5 square foot. I wonder if the people working in these places get any training in handling live stock.
  4. If you send an artical to the BHW and you are not one of their scribes,they usually ask their scribe for your area if they would have any objaction about printing it. But that does not happen if its just a letter for their letters page.
  5. Years ago a airisol spray called Rainmac was on sale. If rain was forcast for the race on Saturday you were supposed to spray the pigeons flights on Friday night when basketing to make them waterproof. Would you beleave I know people who bought it. I do not think you can buy a product like that now (or can you ) I wonder why.
  6. Good to hear that. lets us all see things can get better. well done
  7. I have 50 coming but wont use them all.They will be rung on their right leg as this makes it easier for club members when marking for a race
  8. Williedoo

    bloody cats

    I have two cat repellers,they woked at first but I think some cats get used to them,so I sill have to be on guard just in case.
  9. Hi Ian, I spoke to Gilbert Reid yesterday and he told me everythig was going well with the show orginisation. He also told me there might be one more class as Steve Taylor has offered to judge eye signe. And no I am not at work today as I was out yasterday selebrating the good news that came out of the Fed meeting.
  10. Williedoo


    I think you are two days behind most people.
  11. Even on the forum ETS causes arguements about the timing,thats why I think it should be taken as it is or not at all.
  12. I can not see how any race can be a true race if you do not get the time recorded by your clock ETS or not.
  13. Hi, my name is Willie Davidson,I have been racing pigeons since 1977. I am a member of the Sunnybank R.P.C and the Aberdeen Federation. At the moment I am secretary of both.
  14. Mr.McKay, we will have to get a lone of one or two of them if either of us wants to win anything at the Aberdeen show.
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