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  1. Hi guys sadly to my personal reasons and health too I’m giving up my racing pigeon hobby so I have pigeons for free but only pick up or drop off locally not far away also I have a 18ftx8ft 3 section loft for £300 and a 12x8 2 section loft for £100 bargain must Come dismantle them and take away I have disability so need guys to take them. Sadly but it’s the only way maybe in future I’ll get something small and simple. Oh I’m based at st combs Fraserburgh
  2. Oh yeah not forgetting my wife and 1 son they are worse than the pets hehe
  3. Not farm animals but I have 1 rabbit, 1 conure parrot, 2 big fish, 1 dog and a hamster oh and 40 doos
  4. My Westie 14 years old Bonnie
  5. Oh I’ll have to look at my profile 👍🏻
  6. Had a birthday yesterday myself but no birthday wishes on this forum yesterday hehe but today I don’t know who
  7. My birthday too 22nd sept
  8. Well done sadly most of the north Scotland federation ones never came back including mine on a tough race so well done again
  9. Our federation has had a hard year with the racing losses and weather but worked hard to have good racing so well done guys and here’s to next year
  10. Happy birthday colin have a good one
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