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  1. Fs wullie 61 yae might aswell race they doos out lol
  2. Erbar

    Bad Training

    Where did you take them
  3. Aw wullie there’s no need for that :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  4. Yes but where do you get the plug that goes in the clock or where can you buy this plug
  5. Your spot on pal give they pigeons a chance *expletive removed* the hawks
  6. Sorry a didn’t know you had to be in the first 15 there a thought I had win a race aswell
  7. Well I took the doos up to the club hut and put them through and helped put the on the transporter so I hope they went
  8. Why does Blantyre not get a mention at the first young bird race on the Lanarkshire results!
  9. Cheers tommy wit time is it on
  10. Tommy where is the show
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