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  1. Amazing the macs dont get pigeons eaten by hawks?, the problem is disease end of story.
  2. Aberdeenshire is not on lockdown,,,,yet, so why would it affect you?
  3. Thanks for your answer Willie, as no one seemed to know.
  4. Is that racing stopped again for us, one key statement was no travel over 5 miles, so how can Aberdeen Fed go south of Edinburgh on saturday?
  5. well done Stevie, the MacKay system for healthy birds certainly works
  6. amazing Jim,you didnt only win, it looks like you were at different race...amazing flying
  7. Froog


    No, RPRA have to abide with Scot Gov, whether they like it or not
  8. Froog

    Stray Yb

    In tonight SU 20 AB 1146
  9. Im sure everyone in any fed is allowed to air views, we are all pigeon fanciers
  10. your right there...always one to opose anything
  11. sorry i was replying to post above yours
  12. Theres always ways forward if people would listen that was in days of old
  13. Race YB and OB together if we get any racing
  14. Shame to put birds on darkness if not going to get raced.
  15. Yeh working get 90 quid a week, but the non working it wont affect at all...figure that out
  16. only time you come on here is to gloat, do you actually keep pigeons? or is it inbreeding?
  17. Froog


    the lefabreas were amazing. 6 for £60 in the 80s
  18. Froog

    Snfc Agm

    YB national ? thanks anyway
  19. Froog

    Snfc Agm

    to the one its replaced? distance
  20. Froog

    Snfc Agm

    So is Huntingdon Closer ?
  21. Froog

    Snfc Agm

    Is huntingdon. closer? or further?
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