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  1. lot 15 £30 done thanks.
  2. 6/9 bud waiting on 3 yearlings
  3. get in touch with Kyle Douglass at Whitby stray centre he might be able to help you will find him on facebook
  4. try Kyle Douglous at the Whitby stray centre hes on facebook he might be able to help
  5. well yesterday was one of the hardest races of the season timing two in from Billericay one at 1920 last night and one this morning at 0647 and still waiting on six I would like to congratulate everyone who timed in got birds back from the race's a massive congratulations to my club mate J&G Peggie with them timing in from Maidstone and possibly the winner of the snfc Maidstone race
  6. marky2611


    seen the percy hen tonight just at methilhill church took a dive over the car then headed round the back of the church head down towards jim and gary peggie
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