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  1. was the section f winner not the first bird in the west?
  2. let them run together for 5 days at the start of every month from september,keep them super healthy and when you let them run longer theres realy no problem
  3. if doing darkness in the right way they should go thru a light body moult but it does them good,last years barcelona winner was in with the darkies for a couple of months,and moulted lightly,still won biggest race in europe.
  4. easy to identify what region there from but then you would have to get in touch with sec to find out fancier
  5. have the rpra agreed to the ring being "tampered "with?
  6. atlantic


    anybody know anything
  7. hey hotrod,yer no dealing with the wee boys at the corner here,no weather forecast showed anything moving anywhere. stop telling lies
  8. dosent matter when i would have went frank,not my job. but if you want an opinion sunday as no rain forecast much better than today,and when or where dosent matter anyway,it wasnt good enough over here today, thats the point, he should not have went and if it wasnt good enough after a few days you bring them home or is it racing at any cost wth the snrpc.
  9. does the race controller for the snrpc even bother to look at weather forecasts,as every single one was showing the west of scotland getting bad weather all day today,so cant understand why birds were libed,if he would have taken the time and phoned an rpra race controller in the west of scotland he would have been told not to go,but hey it was cler in he east so of we go and f*** the birds from the west there only making up the numbers.
  10. frank,your having a laugh,got it bang on,we,including race controllers were standing and could not see in front of us all day,the guys in the west,glasgow/renfrew had no chancetoday it was a joke.
  11. anybody know what date this is in september.
  12. for sale,bricon +,speedy clock,27inch pad. pm for a bargain and further info
  13. whole of scotland clear,west of scotland sunshine,is some one hosing them to get them wet?
  14. come on yous have all got computers and television i would think,fact is go to bbc website and get satelite image ,rain is over middle england a nd then moves west by 11 oclock.
  15. looking at satelite images from 7 different places,theres a good chance of a race tommorow.
  16. i dont know the reason for this guy being knocked back,dont even know the guy in question in fact,but as a member of the snrpc i can say this as fact,HIS APPLICATION WAS NOT PUT TO THE MEMBERS,this was decided at comitee level,and in my veiw for hotrod to say"due to personal attacks on me and my club",is an utter joke as he and frankdooman could have put this to bed straight away as they are commitee members and know the reason full well,i can only assume that they are embarresed by the reason.
  17. atlantic


    if your short a couple of hens,then youve got a couple of doos too many.lol.
  18. i ordered some stuff on december 28th,got call to say they were waiting on it coming in would be with me by jan.6th.,was still waiting yesterday called them and told them to put money back in bank for close of buisness yesterday. disgrace.
  19. totaly agree with frankdooman in his comments about joint convoying,but as for the shortfall in moneys this will never be sorted until someone realises that there are channel races loseing over 4000 pounds,for one race. how do we sort it?
  20. dont realy know,would have to look at all fed results from everywhere and then we might know,i am sure there are multiple fed winners out there.
  21. hi all, its not about medals being worth 1000 pounds and all the rest of it,its about the birds being transported and liberated in an honest and fair manner,wich has been happening in the snrpc but unfortunetly,according to there members,not in the snfc.
  22. delboy,with all due respect,please explain how this guy was cheating?
  23. hi lenwadebob, i know that bit but i have 129 photos on that file how do i put 3 or 4 of these photos on to there own file?
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