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  1. jock3

    bald face

    ive got that 2 bald head ;D it sounds like the moult
  2. jock3


    any birds in ?
  3. bought 4 pairs . first year with the winning out 280 mls then stopped them for next year
  4. just timed in 2,08 is it worth taking clock ? pulled to 10 pounds
  5. the best ive brought in is the kevin lawson birds winning ,and fred jamieson birds topping the fed . and for the future john proctor and kipp birds
  6. wind out of the south at east calder
  7. davy jamieson 7,46 with a yearlig
  8. just heard the early bird unc 8 hrs for 313 mls
  9. jock3


    look at the experience he,s had
  10. here lads ur entitled to ur opinions , but delboy win in av fed
  11. well john only time will tell, but going to give a SHOT
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