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  1. Congratulations Walter what a pigeon you have there and no matter what you put in that pigeon has class so well done that pigeon ,and owner lol.

    thanks colin to be honest i was not going to send her this year as i thought we were not going to get across the water so i bred 10 youngsters off her 5 pair of eggs which she was not allowed to sit till the 5th pair and was sent on a two day old youngster with her 2nd flight halfway up thanks to all the guys who phoned me and messaged me with congratulations it was very appreciated hope the birds get through in the morning for you all ill still be on cloud nine

  2. Best of luck Walter but I would say big del must be up there his pigeons have been in cracking form last 4/5 weeks .and Jim cullen I could prob go on and on .

    agree stuart to many good doo men to mention them all m8

  3. Some team that Wattie....I have installed you as favourite pal. Best of luck. Nice south easter should sweeten it even more.



    the Dumfries guys got to be F A V for this one Steven i wish m8 to many good doo men up here for me to be a Favourite but im defiantly a trier pal good luck to you and the old man




    jock Alston jim Hannah dave donaldson and the fella meikle from eaglesham

    are all top contenders on top of that you have the lucky doos that are in the right place at the right time and some top men in ayrshire will have a say in this one just hope its not to fast and birds have to work and score on merit looking forward to a great race good luck to everyone

  4. the hair on the back of my neck was standing on end as i filled in my pool sheet as i think i have a great team of 11 birds going to Reims they are super fit all been across the water bar two and for the past two weeks i have been flagging them for one hour morning and night plus training them from 60 miles and got them landing on the loft from 9 45 to 10 15 at night nine are bred for the job 3 have scored before 6 are all related to the Dewar trophy winner and silver award Hen lady Helen and im trying two Jacob Poortvliet 2 year olds that have been flown to the coast last year and flew very steady ive bred them right fed them right and trained them right so im Happy i can say i did my best for them its up to them now just need a little luck all the best to everyone thats sending to this great race the thrill of getting one is worth all the time and effort but devastating if you dont when you know you have put the work in and it just does not happen will it be there fault your fault or just no luck are you happy with the birds you are sending and the work you have put into them over the years ive learned that you must be able to look in the mirror and say yes i did my bit or your wasting your time bring it on love it

  5. Cracker Walter not many of those about,send me a photo and breeding, i will put it in Lanarkshire news if you wish.


    she was bred by louella tom a Jacob Poortvliet and she also won a first at clarkston show so she is a pretty one to m8

    dont know how to send photo sorry

  6. and only a yearling

    she was 1st club first west section 4th Open fed 3684 birds Dunbar 64 miles vel 2122 and 100 pounds in pools

    then 3rd club 8th west section 35th open fed 2000 birds Melton Mowbury 250 miles vel 1022

    and 1st club 2nd west section 8th 0pen fed 791 birds Kettering 273 miles vel 1184 and over 300 pounds in pools



    one to watch for the future i hope

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