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  1. spent well over 2 hours typing out how i prepared lady Helen for the gold cup and was not even half way through when i lost power and could not retrieve the post after starting up again i could have cried ill give it a go in a day or two

  2. Nobody can breed 60 champs Wattie....good birds are born....60 trained latebreds will give you just as much heartache as 60 babies

    yer right steven but ill have much more left m8 after all racing them is just another five tosses because clashing down the eastside of the country and getting attacked every few miles learns them nothing but everyone to there own pal

  3. Your wee story about the Blue Pied hen clearly shows Young Bird Racing isn’t necessary for birds to go on and be successful old birds Watty. Are birds like her few and far between?? Maybe !!! but winners are also few and far between from young birds who have raced as ybs.



    i agree 100 percent john jamie boy 1st section 5th open clermont and SNFC silver award winner was also just trained as a youngbird he was also a latebred if there good there good m8

  4. about a goode yaarling as they say in Holland as my loft was 100 percent distance birds my results in my club were going backwards although channel racing is my first love i enjoy club and fed racing i also like a wee punt on my birds and there is great pools in Burnbank over 100 pounds a week most weeks so i decided to get some faster birds in to compete with or at least be in amongst the sprint boys of course my first stop was louella as ive always had a turn with every strain ive had from them including sprinters which was what i was looking for id tried some jacob poortvliets two years ago and although they were steady enough and won two seconds a third and forth they were just not setting the heather alight so to speak so i was looking for something different really but decided to leave it to them this was the backend of last year just before the last youngbird race sue from louella phoned me to tell me my ten youngbirds were on there way i was up at the crack of dawn dying to see what they had sent me the birds arrived and to my dismay they had sent me another ten poortvliets but i said nothing as they were cracking youngsters a wee blue hen with a pure white cap on her head took my eye in particular real nice in the hand i thought they had a dozen or more tosses with my own latebreds then i put them bye for the winter my pals over in clarkston club run a wee show in the winter months its a wee night out and the banter is always good the first show was a latebred and pied class and i went through the birds and picked out the wee blue pied hen which i thought was in good order for a latebred class to my surprize the judge liked her to and she won the class after the worst of the weather in late january is over i start training my latebreds again with a view of getting upto twenty or more tosses before the racing starts the wee hen was coming well but just with the batch nothing fancy the first race was apon us and i had picked four birds to pool acording to how they were coming in training and how they were sitting i was basketing the birds my pool sheet filled out when i picked up the wee pied hen s t i thought this bird is stottin as we say in scotland so i added her on to the bottom of the pool sheet making her all pools the birds were supposed to go to kelso but were diverted to Dunbar 64 miles which i hate as a race as its northeast of me and every time we go there the birds come out the northeast for weeks after so i was not a happy man but it was a strong east wind which should bring the birds straight across the country and away from the east the birds were up and told james mcguire my pal and neighbour to be out early as it would be fast as i looked towards hamilton county building 17 stories high and south of me i saw her unmistakeable with her wee pure white hat on wings shut dropping like a stone hits the board and in my wife Helen was watching out the window as she hit the board is that one from the race she said i and its the winner i said how do you know that just by the way she came i said hard and fast that wee bird wanted home her velocity was 2122 taking 1st club 1st westsection 4th open and over 100 pounds in pools of course i was delighted but not kidded ive won plenty blow homes and lost the bird the next week but a win is a win and a section win beating 3681 birds not bad for a wee latebred at her first race she reared a pair of youngbirds which i had rung for young Craig Glespie craig 18 on basics and one of my friends so she was off form for a few weeks feeding them and lost a lot of body she had taken up with a son of wee jenna a good cross i thought hope craig gets a turn with them a few weeks past and i decided this would be the last race for the latebreds but i had hardly lost a pigeon up to then and was thinking about nestbox space next year so my full team went it was a real stinker but guess who i timed yip the wee blue pied hen she was 3rd club 8th westsection 35th open melton mowbray 250 miles velocity 1022 with lots of good birds in the fed missing including my good hen mary two 3rd sections roye national and 11th section ypres national thank god i had stopped lady helen the week before as she had almost 8 hours on the wing but i was pleased with the wee hen that i now named wee ellie after my youngest grandaughter who is pure blond headed but i was angry with myself for not spotting the hen was in good nick the following week our fed had decided that Kettering 280 miles would be our last old bird race and therefore our open race i like to send my distance yearlings to our coast race to set them up in good stead for the gold cup the folowing year so i had a fair wee team for it the night before basketting i went through the birds handling each one and checking there nest condition looking for a pooler as there is good money in the fed open but you need to be right up there to get it as theres only one hit at the big money there was a few candidates that were handling well till i came to the wee blue pied hen im a hen man and this wee hen was telling me to pool her she handled fantastic just the way i like them she was sitting well over due on dummies 23 or 24 days but keen as mustard ill slip her a wee youngster in the morning and take the cock away so she sits till basketing next morning i got up and let the youngbirds out made my breakfast while watching the youngbirds flying after two hours i called them in and fed them by the time i had cleaned my baskets out sprayed them and put fresh easybed in them it was almost 12 oclock oh i thought better put a youngster under the wee hen as i looked around the boxes for a 3or4 day old youngster i saw the hen on the floor kissing with the cock aw s t i thought she has deserted the dummies what can i do to get her back on as the dummies were cold so she had been off them a while i found a 3 day old youngster and put it in her box she just stood and looked at it and when i moved her into the bowl she just got back off and flew out the box i picked her up and held her on top of the chick for what seemed like ages but was in fact only about two minutes i took my hands away and she sat right down tight and started to hit me with her wing that will do for me i thought i made her the hen nom in the club as we dont pool in the open race and she was my only entry in the fed open making her all pools and Bonanza in my section friday came and the birds were up as the forcast was bad for saturday we went a day early anyway my pal charlie muir phoned me from work are you in yet no i said im not expecting them for another hour give or take my brother is at the loft ill phone you if i hear anything ok i said about 35 mins later charlie phones again are you in yet no i said think we are in i was on the phone to my brother and he said heres a doo ill phone ye back when i get it in well done i said but thats faster than i thought it would be because there coming thru rain acording to the forcast are ye sure its not one from last week i said . dont know yet he will phone me back when he gets it in ten mins later he phones back again bassa it was one from last week so when do you think they will come i was standing in the back garden looking towards Hamilton race course when i spotted the wee white head coming over the top of the trees now i said here is my pooler in the fed coming yer joking said charlie no thats her in pal and i think shes a good one she was first club winning the nom 2nd westsection 8th open and won just over 300 pounds out the fed 273 miles velocity 1184 so a real good wee pigeon that gave me lots of enjoyment wonder if she will do anything next year and when i phoned louella to tell john about the wee hen he said poortvliets are not sprinters there middle distance birds i stuck one of the two year old poortvliets into reims and got it the 3rd day so ill have to have a think about were wee ellie goes next year hope ye enjoy the read guys i was borred so thought it would be of interest to some

  5. Most clubs can hold a meeting with the Fed secretary sending out all proposals to the club secretaries. Each proposition is voted on at club level with the fors and againsts counted at the delegates meeting. The club delegates could easily have a meeting and votes counted in the presence of all club representatives.

    The results of each vote is forwarded to the club secretaries who call another meeting to inform the members of the outcome of each individual vote.

    Everything transparent and the members would more than likely get more of a say in the running of their fed than ever before at AGM's. Because for one reason or another they cannot or do not attend. Usually find a lot dont attend because of the bile spewed out by people who don't know how to conduct themselves at a meeting. They go to speak and are shouted down because their opinion differs from those who can only be described as bullies and they'd rather do without a say by attending the meeting only to be aggressively critcised for having their own thoughts on things.

    So meetings are possible, results that reflect the Majority of members wishes can be carried without the need for an AGM.


    exactly what i was thinking john send out the proposals to club secs have a vote at club level and one fed delegate from each club to attend a meeting with there clubs votes dont see a problem

  6. ill do my best to explain then i will say no more on the subject about 8 weeks ago i started getting phone calls from fanciers in the London area none of whom i know personally asking if i still sold my potassium mix as they had a problem with there birds and it was spreading like wildfire through there club and fed they had birds tested but nothing showed bar a touch of canker and cocci which they treated for but made no difference so i questioned them on the symptoms birds dropping dead that were ok the day before now this is old birds we are talking about what else you must have noticed there was something not right well we were losing good experienced pigeons from short races and tosses the birds were coming home choking for water not trapping and trying

    to drink from anything shiny like class or perspex or metal birds unsteady losing there balance perches wet birds just sitting hunched up no noise in the loft no fighting or chasing one another drinking lots of water then some start to twist there neck or stand with there heads held back and disorientated then it spread to the youngbirds and stockbirds what do you think it is parra i said and maybe adenovirus or both but dont realy know for sure what can i do about it i told them kill any that dont look right and they could try a broad spectrum antibiotic for the secondary infections and spray the lofts everyday with vircon s as thats what deffra told me to do when i had it 4 years ago do not train or race them do not let them out the loft dont let anyone come to your loft and you keep away from other fanciers have you jagged them yes i did the youngbirds 3 weeks ago what with colombo vac yes and my old birds were done last year the guys who said they had not jagged recently and had it told me but there pal jagged his with colombo vac and we train together the only common denominator i heard was they had recenly jagged with colombo vac or there birds had been in contact with birds that had been recently jagged with it with in two weeks i was getting the same story from fanciers all over scotland they have nothing to gain telling me this and i have nothing to gain by telling you so why am i telling you because forewarned is forearmed lets see what comes out of the birds that were brought home sick from lanarkshires race im told they are in the hands of a vet and im sure our fed will up front about it as should be and lets not make this a witch hunt we dont need to know whos birds or what club as anyone of us could have it but we do need to know whats wrong with them

  7. Why is it not common knowledge that Lanarkshire brought birds back unfit for lib and what club are they from ,exactly what Walter said information not being shared .

    correct Colin and all the guys that phoned me looking for help that i cant give them are liars fanciers are in denial no one wants to say my birds are sick theres no shame in it we all get them including me this is something that disorientates the birds

    and affects there balance makes them very dehydrated anyway good luck to the ones that think they can beat it the penny will eventually drop theres something wrong with there birds but by then it will be to late its a virus with no cure it has to run its course and can take more than a month to go through the loft killing as it goes i can name men from 5 different feds that have it right now one fed even said on basics that they were going to shorter races when asked why was it to give the guys with sick birds time to catch up the answer he got was exactly what more can i say

  8. all we can hope is what ever it is thats going through the youngbirds will affect percy also but i cant see it thats something we need to sort but that will not happen no one wants to get off there backside and do something about it just talk p h on here about what we should do

  9. Well Walter I don't agree with you about sickness in ybs the biggest problem is that most are not basket trained ask any convoyer the amount that need put out of baskets is unreal healthy ybs just don't know how to come out. Jmo

    john its fact m8 i could name over twenty right now with birds dropping dead killing all or most of there birds old and young this is an outbreak of some sort and its in every fed in Britain believe me the only thing i can see that they have incommon is they started getting bother a few weeks after jagging with colombo vac or after someone in there club jagged with it why would people tell me there birds are sick if its not true men in your fed and mine i am one of the hardest trainers in scotland i get hit more than most when attacked my birds scatter some head for home the rest come later sometimes with one or two missing if they dont get home on the day they are there the next morning because they are fit and healthy homing pigeons and i agree wih you guys not training and sticking them in to get a pull home is a problem and hold birds at the race point but how can we stop these guys when we cant even get guys to admit they have a problem and stop racing there must be 8 to 10 thousand birds missing in the last month where are they and why cant they get home the stray centres and convoyers must be seeing sick birds or they dont know what there looking for or dont want to know

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