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  1. 15 miles from Catterick to tell me he had just put down one of my birds as its back had been torn out and legs badly broken and head almost torn off it was one of my fancied birds from saturdays race from Catterick i thanked the man for letting me know

  2. 1st Green and Son 1171

    2nd Green and Son 1123

    3rd Roddy Fiemin 1107

    4th Torrance Mann 1101

    5th Baird Mcmillan 1084

    6th Torrance Mann 1059


    well done james and gary

    and well done Roddy on winning all pools


    disaster of a race with some guys not not getting a bird in race time


    hope they come through later or in the morning no one to blame but BOP


    roll on next week

  3. 1st Walter Boswell 1500

    2nd Green and Son 1488

    3rd Green and Son 1486

    4th Green and Son 1482

    5th Green and Son 1482

    6th Green and Son 1481


    great flying again by James and Gary who also win the pools

    and the next nine positions in the club well done guys

    one of the best yb races i can remember great returns in jig time

    so well done to our race team roll on next week



    ps another winner bred for me by John Short

  4. Easily the best sprint flyers in the club well done lads....



    surprised at the result you put up as we knew they took the 1st 11 2 hours after they timed....

    dont be surprised alan i only get the first six to put on the result i just pressed 8 instead of 6 as there is only six prizes in our club dont try to make something out of nothing ive nothing but praise for James and Gary fantastic flying if you wait till the result is done you would see only six are read out

    ps and they are the best sprinters in the westsection not just the club

  5. would not suit me tommy i work to suit myself im thinking of guys who work till 5 the drivers are well paid and it does not happen that often many guys cant go on week days because they cant get home from work on time so cant send but everyone has to be there own race controller the clown who libs in bad weather and the clown who sends them in the first place

  6. and if its right your birds are away for two days for nothing and the chance of catching something in the basket cancel or basket one or two hours later on monday for a tuesday race and give the workers time to get home and sort there birds no need for any fed to be basketting birds at 4 and 5 oclock in races under 100 miles plenty of time to get to the race points no wonder its a dying sport help each other dont hinder


    ps and you can get a race anyday if your willing to lose birds

  7. if the forecast is correct there is no chance of a race saturday or sunday for lanarkshire without risk of a disaster for the birds if one of the torrential showers that are forecast hit the batch the race is over and the season for many fanciers are we really that desperate to win a youngbird race

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