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  1. common sense Kev thats all m8 KoKo the clown could see we were not going to get a race from the bottom of England without great risk of it being a disaster so unless your prepared to sit there for what could be 3 days why go there so well done Lanarkshire it will be hard enough in a north east wind from Kettering good luck to you m8

  2. who would have thought eh birds sitting down there for days maybe or slaughtered again if libbed glad i did not send who is doing the thinking here birds should have went shorter to make sure of getting a safer race and better forecast clubs becoming a joke

  3. well done John and Matt Dunsmore who has been a fantastic help to john since the passing of Hugh Martin and without whom old john would really be struggling to keep his beloved pigeons going at 87 john has told me matt has been a god send so well done to you both

  4. 1st Walter Boswell 1324

    2nd Baird Mcmillan 1313

    3rd Arthur Morrison 1311

    4th Walter Boswell 1292

    5th Walter Boswell 1265

    6th Walter Boswell 1261


    Walter Boswell wins all pools


    well done jimmy and Arthur

    well done lanarkshire fed great race

    one to come from 19 roll on next week


    ps and timed the yearling cock Bred by john short

    that won the west section in the fed last week in

    the snfc maidstone race so thanks john

  5. Yes it was good forward thinking but extremely disappointed that the committee opted for one in favour of Inland races after all it is a long distance club but looks like it's being turned into a sprint club.

    your right john maybe time we got it sorted before its to late

  6. Its looking grim for continental racing, we will just have to make do with Guernsey.I hear the SNFC are meeting tomorrow to discuss it, hopefully they can put an extra Guernsey on. Is it correct the UNC have 3 Guernseys booked now?

    Hope so Derek infact heard that our previous President had booked two which was good forward thinking i thought

  7. i was not even going to mention it untill i seen the text but also it would have been two different transporters and drivers involved the west last week and the east this week mistakes happen let the fed handle it they have been up front about it and will sort it an objection might be seen as sour grapes imo

  8. yer right john one of mine was not libbed last week came home in the basket sh** happens but its obvious the baskets are not being checked properly as i spoke to the driver last week about it no big deal ive missed doos myself training but after being told about it thought they would be making double sure poor show

  9. 1st Green and Son 1437

    2nd Green and Son 1437

    3rd Walter Boswell 1387

    4th Roddy Fleming 1374

    5th Green and Son 1373

    6rh Arthur Morrison 1371


    well done James and Gary easy winners


    and well done Roddy Fleming winning all pools


    returns again were mixed some good some not so

    many complaining birds choking for a drink

    most of the birds coming out the north east in a south east wind

    clashing or bop or both maybe but thats it for another week

    200 miles next week hurrah

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