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  1. guys pigeons cant catch bird flu this is fact but some bright spark from the government suggested that they might be able to carry it on there feet to a poultry farm when coming home from racing or training which as far as i know has never been proven in fact scientist now say this is impossible

    ps scientist have even injected bird flu into hundreds of pigeons and not one bird showed any symptoms this is a case of defra and others flexing there muscles on something they know nothing about which should be taken up with the SHU and RPRA before they try to stop us racing next year

  2. I can remember it and I'm sure the name was Montgomery the loft was on the right side the old A74 heading south


    I can remember it and I'm sure the name was Montgomery the loft was on the right side the old A74 heading south

    your right john Montgomery Bros and they won the national into there they owned the Abington hotel the pigeon was called spot old peter moved to Burnbank and was a Burnbank member for years his brother Andy moved to Hamilton to a small BB and kept pigeons there but did not race them

  3. must be in a section by them selves and out everyday had 3 twenty mile tosses so far with the six youngest the rest have had 18 20 to 30 mile tosses and stopped for the year ill take the wee ones any good day we have this week and that will do them for this year kept in there own section they fly for hours at the loft all winter

  4. Father McGee driving home after Sunday service spots a small boy pouring something from a bottle into a bin which bursts into flames concerned for the boys safety he stops and shouts the lad over whats that you have in that bottle says the Priest its Acid Father says the boy thats very dangerous says the Priest i think you better give that to me no way says the boy its mine and im keeping it trying to get round the boy the Priest says tell you what ill swap you bottles whats in your bottle says the boy its Holly water says the Priest and what can that do says the boy what can it do says Priest angry that the boy does not know the power of Holly water why only yesterday i poured this on a woman and she past a child a thats nothing Father i poured this on a dogs ass and it passed a motorbike

  5. Walter Don’t know where the Peregrines are but According to the RSPB website they don’t migrate.


    “ In the British Isles peregrines do not migrate, and the majority stay within 100 km of their birthplace, although some upland birds move to lower ground or the coast in winter. While the British and Irish populations mix, there is practically no exchange with continental birds. Some of the migratory Scandinavian birds winter in Britain “


    Could it be because they are no big batches of pigeons coming up the valleys They are having to range further afield in search of food and leaving a clear corridor for your birds ?

    i think they go to the coast m8 and David Attenborough says they migrate so the Rspb are taking p h there going somewhere

  6. i think most of them migrate when the birds stop coming through the hills in numbers kevin but a few that are hitting lofts and getting fed still hang around ive been training at this time about the second week in october for the past 6 to 8 years with great returns but been training all year down the 74 with great returns the bop are not stupid the majority now hunt in the east where most birds are racing and training they go where the food is maybe time to go back down the west for a few years but to many who have an advantage would rather get slaughtered and keep there advantage

  7. Is the West route a life lesson for future national racing Walter?

    Given last few years west of Scotland federations have been flying more east of Central programme, does it stick with them when breaking for home from the Channel do you think.

    I'm of the opinion a fit motivated pigeon will break and take most direct line regardless of schooling!?

    dont have a problem so much with the old birds racing from the east as long as i have schooled them down the the west line as youngbirds and yes they will break m8 but pigeons are a flock species and with having to face a head wind on there own will stay with the batch as long as possible to the point of being well past and so get well beat jmo its happening in club and fed never mind national races the birds home from the north east and theres not many birds that will leave the batch and home alone but if you train yb from the east its the only way they know so thats the way they come

  8. had ten tosses over the last two weeks 5 from 20 mile 4 from 25 miles one from 30 miles no losses all down the west all birds home in one drop just getting ready to basket for no 11 ill keep them going as long as the weather is decent besides great experience for the latebreds and birds that have not been raced it gives me something to do and look forward to hope my luck keeps up

  9. im sure it was friday morning three days till the birds went to the gold cup i was on the computer and decided to check the forcast for france and Reims and it was showing an east wind forecast for the friday the day of the race a wee chance for a westsection pigeon to do something special i had given the birds the open bowl all week after there morning exercise they were all handling fantastic i would flag them one more time that night then open bowl till tuesday basketting i closed the loft up after i fed them at 7 oclock with the intention of flagging them from 9 till 10 one more time getting them used to landing in darkness just incase i got a late one then went into the house for a cup of tea and looked at the forecast again and it had changed this time showing southeast from Reims and across the channel and southeast from the coast right up the east of the country but was blowing southwest down the westside jesus i thought in theory the birds should come straight down the middle of the country the south section and the central belt has the advantage now they should come from the south right over crawford area if wind stays that way that is and my last five tosses had been from lauder in the east it was then i had a brain wave instead of flagging them tonight id take them to crawford i looked at the time it was 7 45 i ran out to the van and got my basket and took the 12 birds that i had left from the twenty two i started with to crawford letting them go at 8 45 no need to worry they will be no hawks about at this time i jumped in the van with the boot down to try and beat them when i got to the house my pal charlie muir was standing in the drive where you been training i said at this time said he i told him about my theory about the birds coming down the middle while we waited on the birds half past nine and nothing i was trying to stay calm but it was getting dark fast 9 40 two birds landed two cocks what have i done i thought they did not even need the toss it was only a wee head sharpener over 20 tosses and not lost a bird and i get hit at 8 45 at night i dont believe it 9 50 and its now dark bang a flutter of birds hit the loft two went in the section helen and marrion were from so at least they were home i had 8 home now with 4 missing well that did not go to plan charlie i said in fact that was f k g stupid but its done now if the rest are alive ill get them in the morning next morning crack of dawn 3 hit the loft with one missing a wee cheq pied hen a grandaughter of jenna bassa got one i thought the only pied among them i then sat and wrote out my pool sheets and bank check taking the few pounds off the wee pied and spreading it over some of the other less pooled birds i was lucky i had got off light that could easily been a disaster at one oclock that day the wee cheq pied hen turned up not a mark on her but it was to late to change the pool sheets again without making a mess of them so the wee pied stayed home and i sent 11 to the race on the tuesday i knew the birds were in good order and there were a few comments made from the handlers which is always nice but with a pigeon like helen in the basket i was feeling confident although i dont mind telling you when Dal tipped me as a favoriet on basics to win the national i felt a lot of pressure for the first time in my life and i did not like it one little bit but i was looking forward to having a good race friday came and the birds were up checked the wind again and it was still the same straight down the middle the winning birds should come if they dont get chased all over the country i thought it would be fast maybe to fast for helen she is a 13 to 15 hour bird and i was expecting them long before that when 3 oclock came round and no birds in the south i new there was a problem 4 then 5 and still no birds recorded these birds have not got across the channel i thought then what would turn out to be the winner in Edinburgh was timed after 5 still no birds in the south or west if this goes on much longer its playing into helens hands 6 oclock still no birds reported in the south or west 6 30 and my wife shouts out what about you dinner ill get it later when i get helen home between 7 and 8 is bang on her time i moved my chair to the bottom of the garden so i could look south just before 6 55 i saw a dot in the sky right out the south straight down the middle i knew it was her the way she was boxing wings shut tight dropping like a stone and hits the board pause to let me look at her and in i let out a shout of joy frightning the s t out my neighbour who was just about to take a mouthful of his coffee and spilled half down his shirt lol whats wrong walter i think ive just won 1500 quid eddie ok ill let ye off he said i was in heaven what a doo i said to myself what a doo i went in and took off her rubber she was Ets but better safe than sorry timed her into the stb clock went back into the loft and gave her some seed but she was looking for her peanuts so she got as many as she wanted i did not get anymore on the night and it looked like she was the only bird in the west a few of my pals from clarkston came over to congratulate me and some old friends phoned me also it looked like id won the westsection with the only bird on the day i checked the SNFC web site before i went to bed and still only helen timed on the day up at dawn looking for more birds but nothing this race was a stinker for some reason but i did not know why and was just glad to be in birds started to turn up just after 6 in the morning and were very scarce word started to get through that the national birds were libbed 15 mins after thousands of dutch birds but the dutch birds came back and dragged the national convoy away along the coast towards Holland this would make sense with the old heads turning back and crossing the channel in twos and threes instead of hundreds but that has not been confirmed so might not be true but something happened thats for sure i checked the SNFC web site again at 4 oclock and still only helen showing as only day bird in the west it was looking good as i headed to the clock station had i emulated my old pal John Feenie and won that massive cup alas it was not to be there was another day bird in the west beating me but you take it on the chin i was delighted with 2nd section 11th open and 1700 pounds this super wee hen has now been 2nd sect Reims 2nd sect roye 3rd sect liege 47 sect ypres 100 pounds pools in Burdine SNFC silver Award winner SNFC silver Award record holder SHU bird of the year and won over three thousand pounds in pool and prize money what can i be dissapointed about i also had 8 from my 11 by the third day so they will all be back next year including my wee lady Helen going for gold God willing hope you have enjoyed the read lads it was good to bring back the memory

    ps could someone from basics please put parts one two and three in the correct order thankyou

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