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  1. well done Alan and well done Burnbank club taking first three in the fed with over 6ooo birds i am 7th open with a hen bred by john Short from his stud and another bird bred by john wins 88 pounds in pools my wee sprint team paying off delighted with them

    bought another ten

  2. .1st Alan Nelson 1529 478 Birds entered

    2nd Richard Copland 1522

    3rd Alan Nelson 1522

    4th Green < son 1517

    5th Walter Boswell 1505

    6th Alan Nelson 1450


    Walter Boswell wins all pools


    well done Alan had a great race m8


    and well done to Paul Mac and Marshal on a great first Race


    to start us off returns very good all round


    64 from 64 myself



    Roll on next week

  3. Burnbank club sent over 450 birds to Kelso with Lanarkshire fed good luck to all

    dont know what Happened with my first post having a bad day and just found one of my poolers

    hiding behind a board after i came back from the club

    ps dont get old it sucks

  4. Andy, you could ask John Thompson at Spey Bay that sorts the ETS Clocks and Base Stations, I got two pads for my Club from him. Mob:- 07796 008708 or Home :- 01343 820716 :emoticon-0167-beer:

    yes john can repair them depending on what the problem is but try putting them on the radiator for a day or two one of the biggest problems is dampness Andy

  5. might all be sorted by june Rpra will be on the case no need to panic yet and as colin says the Dutch or Belgium might be more helpful

    and think the east is just as bad if not worse than the west ever was Derek Bop go where the food source is most abundant m8 but hopefully it will get sorted out before National time

  6. old friend Hugh Martin Hugh had been fighting cancer for a number of years but never let it get him down a fantastic flyer in his day flying as Martin and King in Shotts giving up the birds he moved to Motherwell and started helping old John King again with good results and john would have struggled without his help God Bless you Hugh RIP old pal

  7. guys pigeons cant catch bird flu this is fact but some bright spark from the government suggested that they might be able to carry it on there feet to a poultry farm when coming home from racing or training which as far as i know has never been proven in fact scientist now say this is impossible

    ps scientist have even injected bird flu into hundreds of pigeons and not one bird showed any symptoms this is a case of defra and others flexing there muscles on something they know nothing about which should be taken up with the SHU and RPRA before they try to stop us racing next year

  8. I can remember it and I'm sure the name was Montgomery the loft was on the right side the old A74 heading south


    I can remember it and I'm sure the name was Montgomery the loft was on the right side the old A74 heading south

    your right john Montgomery Bros and they won the national into there they owned the Abington hotel the pigeon was called spot old peter moved to Burnbank and was a Burnbank member for years his brother Andy moved to Hamilton to a small BB and kept pigeons there but did not race them

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