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  1. A canny believe your saying the youngbirds are getting lost because of sickness bottom line is they’re getting hounded at racepoint sand every 5 mile they will be getting hit as well they controllers not doing they’re homework doesn’t help them either

    look around the clubs and see how many men are not racing derek and how many they are sending and your right all the other factors to dont help but when homing pigeons cant home theres a reason and its not the ones the falcon gets wheres the rest why have they not turned up thousands have been lost the pass month where are they only a matter of time before deffra gets one picked up by a non fancier and racing is stopped already hearing of pigeons being seen with twisting necks watch this space its coming m8

  2. there is nodout the falcon situation is horrendous but the sickness is a bigger problem with the youngbirds this year and ive no dout that its paramyxo related not youngbird sickness as we call it so people must be telling lies that they have vacinated or we have a big problem with the vaccine colombo vac in particular it will be nobilis for me from now on but what gets me is there are guys racing birds that have sickness in there loft which is shocking they think its ok if they just race the ones that look ok its not if one has it they all have it just some get it worse than the others just like humans so stopping racing for a few weeks might make your birds look a bit better but they are still carrying the disease and passing it on to healthy birds in the basket and its in every fed in Britain and has been for weeks no one gives a s t i do not believe its only myself that is seeing this

    ive been saying it for weeks nearly every fed has dropped half or more of there birdage the falcons are adding to the problem by chasing sickbirds but as ive said before they are homing pigeons falcons are not getting them all the rest should get home next day next week or next month but they should get home wake up guys

  3. 1st green and son 1159

    2nd alan nelson 1120

    3rd alan nelson 1118

    4th alan nelson 1118

    5th alan nelson 1117

    6th green and son 1092


    well done james and gary also taking the pools

    and well to alan nelson

    returns are bad again sorry to say

    think james and i will call it a day for this season


    unless birds start piling in shortly

    but in cant see it

  4. LRPF. Hexham 30.08.20, the convoy of approx 1650 birds plus 5 Fauldhouse crates were lib at 0920hrs in a Lt N wlnd, good luck.




    1650 birds at hexham yb race tells its own story eh lads

    good luck and good returns everyone

  5. 1st Green and Son 1066

    2nd Green and Son 1065

    3rd Green and Son 1032

    4th Walter Boswell 1030

    5th Green and Son 1029

    6th Green and son 1023


    Peter White wins the loft to loft Ko

    Walter Boswell wins the pools

    well done to James and Gary nearly a clean sweep

    and well done to peter winning the Ko

    have to say returns in the club are horrendous at checking

    lets hope they work in before nightfall

  6. We all know that these late birds just weren't good enough on the day but I am just interested in what people think happened to them all. 1500ypm down to 600ypm to take the open positions isn't a great race imo.


    clashing no doubt about it birds dragged along the coast looking for somewhere to cross with the experienced birds working there way back and crossing but the returns are very good considering roll on next year

  7. in a word no nothing does its a virus m8 all you can do to help them through it is give them some glucose or probiotic and treat for secondary infections such as canker cocci salmonella and e coli it can take two or three weeks to run its course meanwhile shut them up so it does not spread through the rest of the loft or to anyone else its rife just now if you train or race them they will go down as they cant take the stress

  8. not really m8 you can take a virus back to your loft just by being in contact with a fancier whos birds are sick just like the coronavirus i remember seeing the video over 20 years ago with two dutch fanciers one of them had paramyxo in his loft his pal dropped in to see how he was doing he did not go near the loft or the birds just sat across the table from his friend and had a coffee and talked for 10 minutes as he got up to leave defra arrived and took a swab from the pals nostril and told him he was carrying the virus back to his loft scary stuff and thats how easy it is to catch it or any virus from a fancier a training van or a transporter as its air born not saying that was your problem or anyone elses but percy is not taking them all and when good fanciers report big losses something is wrong that and ive had 19 phone calls looking for the cure in the last week save your money the only cure is the bucket for any that dont come through it some can handle it and just like us some cant watch your club baskets guys if your sending this week some birds sitting quite no noise birds hunched up when you see this there is a problem and heavey losses and everything else will be the cause the race controller the falcon the weather but not the guys who sent sick birds and gave everyone else it mark my words it will get worse because some guys just dont care as long as they get a race and thats a fact ignorance is not an excuse

  9. well ive been hearing horrendous stories of sickness in many lofts birds dieing by the dozen and good fanciers with big losses training and racing sounds like something is going through the baskets was going to jump 60 wee ones in to next weeks race but ill just keep them at home and make sure they are well trained for next year its just not not worth the risk been racing 16 sprinters that will do me to play with got to think of the future and sick birds is the last thing i need

  10. At the SNFC AGM this very subject was raised.? the result that no member was allowed to do this,and only one base is allowed at any location.


    I was thinking of having one base at my loft in falkirk and one at my friends loft in Dunns then i can pop the clock in the two bases then should have a winner??????????????????????????????.

    Bang on m8 the SHU need to look at this wide open for cheats its the minority we have to watch unfortunately they waste it for the genuine guys

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