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  1. NW Fed not far away from you they will pick up stray S
  2. I wouldn't bet on it I've went for strays last 3 years only to be told to throw it up or its no good to me just do the needful etc. I got about 15 strays brought up from West Durham amal on Saturday paid to get them brought up out of my own pocket started to phone owners 3have told me to throw them up have saved them £45 for a courier and that's the response. They will go through the stray centre now and they will pay through their feds. I personally would pay £10 or £20 to get my birds up from England by the likes of Freddie but others are not so willing. How many times do you see can anybody get birds closer and lib them they don't want to pay they want everyone to do all the running about. Sorry this is a rant but I have been there so many times you wouldn't believe it. John Pryce went down to Newcastle area last year and picked up a s**t load of strays only to be told the same he phoned me i went and picked them up and returned them through the SHU STRAY CENTRE John done about a 14 hour shift to get the birds back plus his fuel well out of pocket. I'm sorry but that's the bare facts Cheers Davie NW Fed not far away from you they will pick up stray S
  3. U totally agree unfortunately I get phone calls every year with the same thing did my bird have an ETS ring on when it was handed into the stray centre. I don't take a note of what has or hasn't got an ETS ring. The only thing I can assure everyone is that they are not removed at the stray centre. Ask any of the men that pick up the strays i have given them the life ring and ETS ring of any bird that didn't make it to be returned to the owner.
  4. 6 members sent 260 birds to Ripon 1 G MacKenzie. 1141.721 2 G MacKenzie. 1141.052 3 G MacKenzie 1140.466 4 G MacKenzie 1140.383 5 J McNeill. 1131.867 6 J Ferguson. 1124.823 7 Steven & Gullane 1099.772 8 J Ferguson. 1088.639 9 J McNeill 1049.508 10 J McNeill. 1049.437 Other time ins P Rafferty and sons 966.861 Well done Gordon who also won the Fivers
  5. Broxburn & Uphall PC 6 members sent 260 birds to Ripon
  6. Arty we used to train from soutra then take the young birds to Lauder with no problems. A couple of years ago we stopped training there as the birds were taking for ever to come home and we were experiencing losses. The only thing that we could put it down to was they had put up the wind turbines. We watch the young birds flying back and forwards at the wind turbines before they would clear them. I have read all the comments put up on your post. We train with fanciers that regularly top the Central Fed and they have experienced the same problems so weak sick diseased untrained birds in my opinion may have a small part in the losses. But we have experienced losses and birds returning days later from lauder your race point last week. I have several AF & DF birds in the stray centre and I can assure you they are in perfect health with one of two flown out they will be returned to their owners tomorrow. The ones in good condition and appear to be healthy, why did they not make it home?. were the up too early? We're they disoriented by the turbines? Or are they stupid this is only my opinion and my club mates have experience the same. Cheers Davie
  7. 6 members sent 311 birds to towlaw lib 08:00 SW wind 1 G MacKenzie. 1078.502 2 J McNeill 1072.504 3 Steven & Gullane. 1072.115 4 J McNeill. 1071.144 5 J McNeill. 1069.789 6 J Ferguson. 1065.067 7 J Ferguson 1064.347 8 J McNeill. 1062.650 9 J McNeill. 1062.444 10 J McNeill. 1062.239 11 P Rafferty and sons. 1060.325 Well done Gordon. John McNeill won the Fivers
  8. Ok will keep an eye out for them andy
  9. Hi guys i have the following birds in no WING stamps or phone number rings Be18 6119196 WHU 18R 07959 Any takers Cheers Davie
  10. 6 members sent 320 birds to Otterburn 1 J Ferguson. 1182.324 2 J Ferguson. 1166.222 3 J Ferguson. 1163.551 4 J Ferguson. 1161.069 5 G MacKenzie. 1111.278 6 J McNeill. 1103.193 7 P Rafferty and sons 1095.445 8 G MacKenzie. 1025.445 9 G MacKenzie. 1025.165 10 G MacKenzie. 1024.885 Other time ins Steven & Gullane 967.236 J Muir 882.137 Well done Hamish. Mr & Mrs Forrest won the Fivers
  11. I got kingdom birds in last night and there is one with a phone number ring was too late to phone last night will phone it today they will get picked up tomorrow.
  12. Hi folks This is the first week i have birds in the stray centre please please if you have birds with plain SU rings or GB NL NEHU NWHU WHU PUT A PHONE NUMBER RING OR A WING STAMP OR SOME FORM OF IDENTIFICATION ON YER DOOS it maKes it so much easier for me to get your Y/Bs back to you the same week. It was passed at the SHU that all Y/bs should be WING stamped or phone no rings on if not they should not be allowed to race. RPRA members should WING STAMP all their birds A RPRA RULE. I have just reported 17 birds not WING stamped or any form of ID plain SU and GB. If these birds had identification they could possibly have been returned to their owners before being sent to the stray centre. I was asked to verify 2 pigeons that scored at the last national Roye. Mark Doran of Broxburn was 1st section D 8th Open with a pigeon that was handed into Mrs Walton at the Bishop Auckland stray centre i arranged to get the bird back to the SHU stray centre at Broxburn and gave it back to Mark last year. His 3rd section D 14th Open was also returned to Mark via the SHU stray centre as a Y/B . So all you pigeon fanciers that don't want birds from the stray centre because they are full of diseases or are never any good after they have went in else where think again. Cheers Davie
  13. Got 2 NE handed in tonight but that's it so far
  14. Broxburn & Uphall 6 members sent 320 birds to Otterburn for our first race 72 miles
  15. Happy birthday Davie have a bid yin
  16. 6 members sent 102 birds to Ripon light east wind at 12:15 1 G MacKenzie. 1414.232 2 G MacKenzie. 1412.050 3 J McNeill. 1408.627 4 J McNeill 1391.421 5 J McNeill. 1384.263 6 J Ferguson. 1378.995 7 J McNeill. 1361.796 8 G MacKenzie 1360.442 9 J McNeill. 1356.116 10 J Ferguson 1348.313 Others timed P Rafferty and sons 1309.511 J Muir 1280.002. Well done Gordon who also won the Fivers.
  17. Today with central and Midlands at ripon
  18. Got owner thank will be in Ayrshire saturday
  19. Hi the following birds have been handed into me by SSPCA so they can be repatriated to their owners su16 NE 1790 BLUE WITH ETS RING SU17NE5353 BLUE PIED ETS RING NEHU16NOT 2288 CHEC OK ETS RING GB17S01969 BLUE SU17NW3586 ETS RING SU17P5027 BLUE RUBBER SU17A6275 BLUE ETS RING All birds are down and can't be liberated sspca have looked after these birds until fit to be returned to owners Phone 07515461174 Cheers davie
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