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  1. Well done Tam , when the going gets tough the tough get going, sorts the wheat from the chaff.
  2. Hexham sits in a basin, always a bad race for youngins.
  3. Thats the problem when they all come together, its a lottery, well done Alf.
  4. harky


    Will do some one a turn , looked at the pictures , still tidy.
  5. Puts the workin man out the game , not racing on an even keel there.
  6. YOUR Jaqueline is worse, seen her empty a party.lol
  7. Buckfast is banned, the stuff nearly left me homeless.pmsl
  8. Trained some doos this mornin after 4year out of them and its given me the urge to get back into them, heres hoping.lol
  9. harky


    Looks like the wee national is showing the big national how to convoy doo,s.lol
  10. Full family bet it , must have lifted 2000 between us
  11. harky


    Listen guys dont count lol
  12. How much for kit of 6 Ally.
  13. Its a simple answer, they are better than the rest.lol
  14. Go for it . if its in them then it will come out them, best of luck Gary
  15. harky

    Feed Back

    That was before my sale Andy and thanks for the response, Maybe they have all packed in lol
  16. harky

    Feed Back

    Has any body scored with birds bred from doos baught at my sale or ones i have given them
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