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  1. lot 9 £30 Dr Salmond,
  2. lot 18 Dr Salmond£50
  3. lot 18 dr Salmond £30
  4. harky

    Fruit Pickers

    Cheap labour, always has been.
  5. lot 4 £40 Lot 6 £60
  6. Been a while since ive been on, still the same old P***.When you gony say something about doos,lol
  7. Not a member but i think yer spot on with yer proposal
  8. My first year back and got 2 tickets, jumping for joy , over the moon.
  9. Would agree but look at Derek Hays performances , hes up there too.
  10. harky

    Snfc Buckingham

    When they doing clocks for section E
  11. The game is finished, its dying slowly.
  12. Yip lost 14 from catterick and then 8 from ripon , thats no easy racing and a lot are the same although they will tell you different.lol
  13. Sent 13 and a was there aboot 7.15
  14. harky

    Free Old Birds

    they vary from 2014n to 2017 , the roland jannsens were baught from louella and the vanreets from T richardson and me .
  15. There is 12 free pigeon for anybody that wants them, they belong to my dad who has been admiitted to hospital , due to his health he has decided to get rid of them, they are van reets and roland jannsens ,Birds are situated in wishaw ,lanarkshire
  16. any news about lanarkshire fed
  17. Onced the result is made up then every body v=can come to their own conclusion. All the best its over ans done with so lets move on,lol
  18. Well thats me up having a cup of tea and waitng on my doos, heres hoping a get one.
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