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  1. well done totts great flying
  2. so what has the fed got planned tommy when u get the green light
  3. why not let the member go into his club on there own all u need is 2 members in the club house sealing the baskets send them as trainers don't have to set a clock start 1 at hexham 2 from ripon 2 from Leicester and you could have a open race from billericay
  4. that's nobother u are not thinking about the men that's not home from work whats wrong jumping the pigeons
  5. tommy what about the folk that is working and who has got the money to sent pigeon twice a week get 2 races out of otterburn then go to ripon and jump the pigeons 80 mile a week they will jump no bother
  6. lot 11 80 pounds lot 11 80 pounds
  7. have you got a time and place for that north west fed night
  8. then you have to employe two more men one to go in the transporter with the drivers
  9. Jamie it would have been a soft free kick mate rangers its a full new team mate new staff they will get better you will see the players were mentally tired after Thursday they played with 9 men remember rangers will beat them next time round
  10. Jamie its all if,s and butts mate its whats in the back of the nett mate I think you must have had lager classes on mate when you watched it
  11. how did celtic win the game easy 1 goal in they had about 16 coners rangers done a good job in the first half they kept their shape so how did they have a good game Jamie rangers allowed them to play in front of them they sat deep so celtic are not that good mate they still won they could not break them down
  12. C&e mcmillan. 17.11 17.23 18.01. 9/15. He’s had some race I was over watching them. Not much out them. ðŸ‘
  13. ian Stafford told me at 2,oclock there wasn't much north it was more east
  14. so who has the last say for to race on friday
  15. at the end of the day tommy he is in charge of the race so he has the last say mate that why yous put him in the seat so get things sorted out and stopo every body talking about it and let folk know the score
  16. at the end of the day tommy he is in charge of the race so he has the last say mate that why yous put him in the seat
  17. if it was passed then whats the crack is it up to robert
  18. well Robert clark the boss he will call the shots
  19. well Robert clarks in charge he calls the shots
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