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East Of Scotland Fed

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apologies for this late result . i was awaiting an official copy , but as yet i dont have one. hopefully fill in any gaps shortly .


East of Scotland fed top ten from Wetherby flown Sat 4th June/16 libbed 12.30 in a North-North/East wind turning East en route.


1st Mr&Mrs Burgess ,,,,,,, vel 1236.

2nd J.B.McNeil ,,,,,,,,,,, vel 1219.

3rd J.B.McNeil ,,,,,,,,,,, vel 1204.

4th T.Waddell ,,,,,,,,,,,, vel ----.

5th Mr&Mrs Burgess ,,,,,,, vel 1201.

6th T&S McEwen ,,,,,,,,,,, vel ----.

7th Mr&Mrs Burgess ,,,,,,, vel 1198.

8th Davey Gillan ,,,,,,,,, vel 1198.

9th John Baillie ,,,,,,,,, vel ----.

10th T.Waddell ,,,,,,,,,,, vel ----.


well done to all . :pidge:

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Well done team Burgess, better late than never Andy :emoticon-0137-clapping:



thanks Pat , yes your right . a friend did phone me with the news last week. yet i like to see it in black and white , especially for the other timers . i would be embarrassed if i got there position wrong :emoticon-0127-lipssealed:

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