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Transporter question

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Hello all 

I’ve just started pigeons this year and this might sound a silly question but I only ask I’ve been told different answers from members. What is routine for your club/fed transporter in regards to feeding/drinking times in fed racing as I’ve been told they don’t feed in fed races unless held over and have been told they feed every fed race regardless 👍

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Well birds dont need fed if thers no holdover if the birds go on a friday  for a sat race just waterd as you feed your own birds on the frid to suit wotever you think your birds need for that specific race national races or races marked a couple of days before the race then they will be fed and waterd accordingly to whoever transports them it's simple as that realy imo

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your better training your birds to drink in the basket,i put the water on in the transporter as soon as i arrive and leave it that way it gives them all a chance to get a drink,but i cannot make the birds drink it,, the 1s that have been trained and the experienced are always the first to come forward for a drink

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