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same again I bet!


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Yes the racing has closed. Some preparing for the 'Shows'.

 But very few will even bother to think od a way to improve, or help the fancier over the nexts months.

 Yes! for sure will hear the moans and what should/could be done  - and let's face it there are very, very many things that want sorting.

 Ideas put forwars and test.

But then maybe I'd be better off selling 'Cushions' for bums to to sit their bums on while the twiddle their thumbs!


 Indeed charge just a £1 for every whinge or moan, and the fancy would be very well off! Especially if the whinger didn't follow through and had to pay another £1 for doing NOWT!


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Why Andy? lol . Would :emoticon-0136-giggle: It would only be used to see if their ears aren't listening, and seek others to take control and put forward good ideas - also to be forgotton lol.:mad:


 Best wait till the new race season has started ... then words of promise prevail, with no come back, or anything to be answerable to eh!:emoticon-0138-thinking:

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