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  1. jont

    Got a couple at Spey bay 07796008708

    1. will


      When's the best time to come over John?

    2. jont


      Anytime a wis driving when you phoned 

    3. will


      I thought that.I'll appear this afternoon.

  2. Looking for a small training basket. N.E.Scotland.
  3. Cheers guys.Thanks very much.
  4. As title says,looking for Tel.No.for Orkney Racing Pigeon Club.
  5. will

    8X6 Shed

    After removing my greenhouse i have space for a shed aprox.8x6.Anyone know of one,ideally in the Moray/Aberdeenshire area.
  6. cheers davy.Bit ye'll nae catch up ye'll ey be a year a'hin.
  7. SU 20 NE 1195 on Pigeon Chat.Peterhead bird?
  8. Well done John. Great performance by that bird considering the weather conditions.
  9. Are there many birds timed in the North Section?
  10. will

    Widowhood Basket

    can't get through with that number.
  11. will

    Widowhood Basket

    anybody got one? N.E.Scotland.
  12. will

    Widowhood Basket

    Anyone selling a widowhood/show basket? or small training basket. PM me
  13. will

    Canary Cage Fronts

    yes.My age and health makes it too much work keeping the pigeons.
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