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  1. barry

    Free Birds

    hello wat birds have you got
  2. barry


    Pm box emplyed
  3. has not set their status

  4. barry


    Hi i live in brighton
  5. barry


    hi im looking to buy some youngbirds around end of april if any fanciers on here have any spare not to exspncive though as ive recently been made redundant thanks barry
  6. thanks again henrik , if you need a transfer or a ped Just forward me your addres THANKS AGAIN BARRY
  7. thanks henrik as i said if u no any new starters that would like it dave said its a vanreet of the mardon lines ,and dave said does he owe you anything for collecting it .thanks . barry
  8. hi henrik its a mr white 77 gardiner road prestonpans eh329qp my friends name is d norris of brighton and its a 09 bird, if you no of any young fanciers that would like it they are more than welcome . once again thanks very much . barry
  9. a friend of mine has a bird reported in prestonpans east lothian by a non fancier i was wndering if theres anyone near there who could pick it up for him , its a 09 bird he has no record of losing it , all he nos is its a vanreet. if anyone can help. barry
  10. hi if theres any youngsters left ill try a couple thanks barry
  11. got 0 from 9 in the bicc saran race , something gone wrong as still a lot of members still not got any.
  12. barry

    result software

    hi are club result software crashed tonight has anyone got a result software program we can either buy or borrow.
  13. barry

    bob wires

    thanks harry h sent u a pm
  14. barry

    bob wires

    hi im looking for about 20
  15. barry

    bob wires

    hi anyone got any bob wires they dont need ,willing to pay postage. yours barry
  16. just started snowing in brighton
  17. tours youngbird challeng lib 7.30 no wind
  18. barry

    staff van reets

    i sent u a pm ken
  19. anybody no the results yet
  20. what are the ring numbers
  21. you squirt a drop up the birds nostrol it helps them breath and clears any mucus thats blocking the nasal .
  22. where do you buy nasaline from.
  23. barry

    BICC Saran

    wheres the result
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