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  1. Try Gibby Reid Fed sec mob 07484 362379.
  2. Happy Birtday Davie :emoticon-0123-party:
  3. No not yet was hoping someone may claim it on here first Thanks.
  4. Caught in neighbours garden NEHU 2010 SUN 588 . Possible someones old favourite.
  5. Well done Richard great doo ATB well done all timers :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  6. Another hard one for north birds with that time of Lib. best of luck lads..
  7. Happy birthday Bob Have a great day pal.
  8. Well done Jim att sprinters are doing well pal . Well done all flyers
  9. Happy Birthday lads, Have a good day Bob. :emoticon-0123-party:
  10. Cliftonlad


    Exactly m8 plastic milk crate upside doon .
  11. Happy birthday Jim hope u have a good een . Have a few drams mate
  12. Happy Birthday Lads :emoticon-0123-party:
  13. Aberdeen Dear A .Scottish Government press release was issued at 17:00 on 11 Nov 2020 announcing the introduction of a SCOTLAND WIDE AVIAN INFLUENZA PREVENTION ZONE. Full text of the declaration, including the list of requirements for bird keepers can be found at www.gov.scot/avianinfluenza ALL BIRD GATHERINGS WITHING THE PREVENTION ZONE (THE WHOLE OF SCOTLAND) ARE PROHIBITED. THEREFORE THE GENERAL LICENCE THAT HAD PERMITTED BIRD GATHERINGS HAS BEEN REVOKED Yours sincerely Mrs Linda Brooks Scottish Homing Union Secretary The Scottish Homing Union Online Please do not reply to emails addressed to 'noreply@shuonline.co.uk' as these are not monitored and the SHU will be unable to respond. If you have a general enquiry please email the SHU at 'shuenquiries@shuonline.co.uk'. If you wish to report a stray pigeon you can do so online at 'www.shuonline.co.uk/strays/strays.htm'. You may also find the information you are look for on the SHU website 'www.shuonline.co.uk'. Check out the SHU website 'www.shuonline.co.uk' for news, reporting strays, SHU documents and more.
  14. Cliftonlad


    Think Henry Lornie could help you out there George 01224/874532 hope that helps.
  15. Happy Birthday Lads . ATB Billy have a good day think ur cheating ur age there.
  16. Get off your soap box Andrew lucky the guy went out of his way to help. Maybe it could o been one of yours he let off Not the one with the lice of course . ATB Stay Safe.
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