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    Very flown down and hawked
  2. Ryan is a hard task master and only the very best are kept
  3. Anyone know who won the classes
  4. Celtic are by far the best team in Scotland but few if any of the current SPL players would be a success in any of the other top European leagues, at one time we had some gifted players who became household names all over the world now most are relatively unknown
  5. Scotland has lost a lot of good shows over the years and I would hate to see this one go, I have been to the show a couple of times and enjoyed the day out
  6. No Scottish teams will ever do any good in Europe the competition is poor here and combined with the wet and cold no top class players want to come here at any price
  7. So that's where all the lost birds end up in a retirement home in Wales
  8. 2-2 draw I think Motherwell to win on penalties
  9. Jansen bros only had a small loft and didn't have many birds but there must be thousands of birds today that have there blood in them in fact most people have a Jansen influence in there lofts now
  10. George Busschaert used several strains of birds to build his family and to this day many fanciers all over the UK are still winning with his bloodlines but just like the master himself you need to find by trial & error the right birds to cross with them to keep a winning family going, as with all the latest craze family names of today they are all bred down from the old strains of the past
  11. Most of the Belgian flyers are very keen and devoted to there birds here in the U.K. we have many fanciers who just keep them for pets and are frightened to death of sending them to some races for fear of losing them, also many of the Dutch & Belgian birds don't have to fly into hills the highest they have to fly over over is a hedge and they don't have as bad a hawk problem as the UK
  12. Mayweather will knock him out or McGregor will be disqualified with the amount of money they are both going to get none will be losers
  13. The terrain in Scotland is rugged with birds having to contend with hills full of wind turbines which funnels the birds lower to keep out of the wind like sheep up the valleys thus into the hawk hunting ranges plus we are now faced with a dramatic change in the climate possibly due to the jet stream having changed its direction causing us to see seasonal changes in the weather in the past we had 4 different seasons in a year but now it seems summer does not exist this has been noticed over the last 10 years when you had possibly 2 hold overs during the programme then to countless hold overs,cancelled races and race point changes now in fact it is almost impossible to stick to a set routine with your race team plus when your programme is set to cater for to coincide with national races it gives very little scope to allow for the weather, I think pigeon racing needs to change drastically in order to keep the sport going it needs to see common sense prevail by possibly catering for both sets of fanciers by having sprint racing clubs and distance racing clubs for the national minded men this is the way the sport has been done in Europe, in my opinion wether it is 80 miles or 500 miles a race is a race, in fact many times returns from an 80 mile race can be as erratic as a channel race and many good experienced birds have failed to return not all will fall victims to hawks, I think in order to give your birds a chance and keep members in the sport then you need to have an alternative i.e. a programme with short races from points that have given reasonable races in the past and stick to those points that way fanciers will send if they can keep hold of there birds it will also stop many fanciers from leaving the sport.
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    Race North

    For the last few years pigeon racing is getting a nightmare especially in Scotland with the Hawks,mobile phones, wind turbines,the terrain,clashing,sickness but now we are also faced with freak weather due to the jet stream having moved possibly due to the climate change now we don't have 4 seasons in a year we seem to have lost out on summers now we are ending up with many hold overs,cancelled races,race point moves birds don't know if they are coming or going regarding a set loft routine over the years the club programmes have been made to coincide with the national races but unfortunately by following this course when it comes to the actual national hardly anyone has birds they can send to it, in my opinion in order to save the sport and stop losing members races need to be kept short and sweet for fanciers who don't fly with the nationals and a programme chosen to keep the the shorter distance fanciers happy without there support pigeon racing will be unaffordable, the biggest problem up here is not the problems listed above it is the members themselves who say nothing and just year after year blame anything but themselves common sense needs to prevail you need to keep hold of your team in order to race them we have had a hawk problem for years and it won't go away so fanciers who know that certain race points have been a graveyard in the past won't be sending to the inevitable point again someone must be able to come up with a few racepoints that have given reasonably good returns in the past and stick to them a race is a race wether it's 80 miles or 500 miles
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    Super Dal

    Well done Steven
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