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  1. Doos clearly quite happy where he is.
  2. Cheers Dal. The fancier has had the pigeon for 2 years dropped with a gutty ring so obviously been at a national race. Madness that the bird hasn't been reported but he's contacted me through my racing pigeons Scotland Instagram page. Anyways that's for the info
  3. Strange on but I've been contacted by a dutch fancier who has a pigeon in his possession. Cheq Cock SU17 S5839 unsure where about in Holland this guy stays but can find out more details.
  4. Thanks mate. She was the standout pigeon in the sale if your looking at 450 miles plus pigeons. Time will tell on the breeding side but we will put her with equally as good cocks.
  5. I purchased lot 6 beautiful red hen. Scored at Reims, Alencon, Guernsey & upper hayford all with the big NAT SNFC
  6. Congratulations to Mark Dorran of Broxburn on winning the Central Fed breeder buyer. Also well done to A.R Pringle of the pentland fed for breeding the winner. Both fanciers will receive £500 each. the winning pigeon scored twice in the young bird program at over 200 miles. 15th federation from Newark approx 222 miles and also 11th region D , 111th open Upper hayford with the SNFC , 280 miles approx against 1300 birds. Again very well done, and a big thank you to all the other fanciers that took part and helped raise valuable funds for our fed. yours in sport Allan Orr
  7. Fanciers, now that the racing season has ended,can you message me with breeder buyer performances. Please Include the ring number, race point, birdage etc. looking to receive entries within the next week and once they have been received I'll have entries judged by a fancier not taking part in the competition. if their are any fanciers not on pigeon basics they can text me performance details. yours in sport Allan Orr
  8. Well done Rab Hamilton top flying from a top fancier Gus & Allan
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