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    It`s a few years since I left the grain trade (Miller) but if I remember correctly, before barley could be accepted for malting it had to be tested for a certain amount of nitrogen. If the grain sample passed the test it was then taken into the Maltsters,(say Baird of Pencaitland)I believe they add the malt and start the germinating process when it`s then called malted barley. I think that infos right and hope that it helps you.
  2. Thats nasty but we will try again this year, I`ve a couple in with the "Doolanders" this year and will activate a couple in december. I think i`ll get you to pick them for me Wul. If you could pick me one to win half as much as Diazepan I`ll buy you a pint when I see you ower there. Good luck with your entries. Allan :emoticon-0123-party: :emoticon-0123-party:
  3. This is just for you Wuldon. When the Diplomas were originally printed. You instructed the computer to print " race " Position to stop "Sect, Region, Open" Sometimes the process was interupted through a paper jam or such, and if 60% of the labels were printed it meant you still had to start at the beginning again. Some members may recall the odd diploma that had no label and just printed directly on to the card. (we had a we setup on the office program to do this). The new SNFC program was written to try and cover all eventualities so when you Ask for a race you tell it, "Race, Sect, Reg, Open" This creates a file that you can print, and you can edit to print any group or even individual diplomas. It would not be to hard to delete a few from the print file and redo them on the office prog to change the name. I note that andy does not use labels now and prints directly to the diploma. p.s. no sae much o` the "Wacko" pal, I prefer "Seashore" or "Hiedra"
  4. The last time the SHU OLR was flown, one fancier/members name was used.(say the Loft Manager) All birds going to the OLR are sent accompanied by a Transfer of the rings registering them to him/her.For the final race He/she would apply to the SNFC to fly in their Young bird national in their name and pay the required fee. The SNFC Secretary would put this member in the Section/region as shown in SNFC Rule book. The members that have birds competing in the final would have the option to pool their bird/birds in the Section/Region/Open. After the race the birds are usually Auctioned with 50% to the OLR and 50% to Whoever paid the entry into the OLR. any birds on the result would show The Loft Managers name, But I think considering the boost the extra birdage/pools would give the SNFC (I think it was about 90 birds the last time)It could be possible that any Diplomas won could be changed to the breeder/owners name.
  5. Yes you can, there should be an application form in the BHW, SNFC website or try Andy Garven on 01236 830253. best of luck in the race.
  6. Will there be any Scottish Feds at Hexham this coming weekend (18th. August)
  7. Do you have a contact no for them. I have one near Hexham to be delivered to Falkirk. Thanks
  8. With reference to the S.H.U. 2012 Ring List Book, It has been noticed that the Phone number for the Secretary of The Stenhousemuir H.S.(North West Fed)is wrong.The correct number is 01324 552359, NOT 551359 as shown in the book. I have been asked to point out this error to the Members and all secretaries.Please correct the number in your book as the other No is a non fancier.
  9. It`s now time to try and help each other by getting lost young birds returned back to their lofts as soon as possible. With the training starting many of these birds will be lost from lofts not to far from your area. I have returned 2 in the last week and have another 2 in this morning, which I will try and get back to their owners.My title "Where are they" refers to my own Young Birds. Last Thursday I released 40 from Winchburgh, about 10 miles into the N.W.Fed area. As the result of an obvious Hawk strike, I got 3 after 2 hours, 12 in 3 hours and my 24th & 25th at 9:30 that night.By Sunday I had 8 missing and all wearing Tel. No Rings. The condition of the birds that returned in the following days showed that they had not flown hundreds of miles. All that is required is to call the No on the ring and I will collect them A.S.A.P. Thanks.
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    After 20 plus years in the grain trade, if I remember correctly the analysis of all types of peas are much the same. If you find the analysis of the Maple pea, New Zealand or english grown it will compare with Green, Blue or Yellow. I hope this helps but its been many years since leaving the trade and the memory aint so good now.
  11. Lanark Market is a good venue for this show. plenty parking space, catering and bar. I hope the members support it, well done S.H.U. :emoticon-0123-party:
  12. Well done Allan Robertson,14:52, and after your old man said not to send them
  13. This seems to be happening since the clocks got an upgrade last week. If the clock was struck off and is still showing the birds you will notice if you put, or one of these birds go over the pad that it will change from the race naime to training. You can then clear training. Any bird that does not go over the pad can be cleared at the club by "KILL RACE". this will only affect birds from that particular race. I have already done this with two clocks and it will not affect any other races in the clock. I hope this helps but I think another update will be needed to correct this.
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    Su10 Nw4060

    You are right, the ring was actually issued to A McGonigal. Phone 01324 552359. Many thanks guys
  15. I would agree with STB that red mite would normally attack at night. I also think that the clue to the problem is the fact that they are darkies. It appears that three or four weeks into the darkness process when the fall of small feathers increase, the young birds spend a lot of time picking the loose feathers out and stamping as if they were being annoyed by something. This happens with mine every year about this time, and I can guarantee there are no beasties on my young birds. I always use pigeon bath salts each time the bathe, and I believe that this helps to keep them clean.I would also say that a good product on sale is the one drop stuff for the back of the neck.
  16. I would say that the bird has been subject to a hawk attack on the way home. Its likely been in a batch when the attack happened and dived for cover into trees or bushes causing the loss of the feathers. Our problems are not just the hawk attack as it can only take one bird, but the damaged caused to the rest of the birds when they dive for cover in blind panic.How many fanciers have tossed birds, especially young birds, to find a few home in normal time then say 30 mins later a small group appears, then same again with some returning on their own mutch later. this is a the normal pattern for a hawk attack on trainers. i.e. they panic take to trees/bushes even long grass. It then depends when the settle and get the courage to leave their cover and home.You will also note in this kind of situation some of birds will have damaged/lost flights and usually the breast feathers will be ruffled.
  17. If you are using a race point that is not on the drop list, just make up any 4 digit code. The reason for the code is if you had TWO or more races from that point, they are recognised by their code so when you add distances for that race it will send them to any race with that code. I would start with say 0001 and go up one with any new race that isn`t on the drop list and you have to add, this should avoid you clashing with any set RPRA codes in the drop list.But remember if you set / use a new code, apply it to any other race with the same name. Good Luck.
  18. I have had all the problems that you mention with our Club Profi systems.I would guess that your computer is running on VISTA. I have often contacted them about the problem and got no where. I am no expert on computers but I reckoned the problem was in the program as did not seem to run as well on Vista. as it did on the Windows program XP. I noticed a few years back the start of the set up for Manager asked if you were running VISTA or XP before you loaded the drivers.The following steps may seem a bit of a bother, but soon you will get the hang of it and at least you will not lose all your hard work.When you do a number of clocks and then start getting trouble. CLOSE THE PROGRAM AND SWITCH OF BASE STATION, then swich on the Base and prog. This seems to refresh it and it only takes a minute. I will take you through my way of working this system and hope that you may find something of use to help with your problems. LETS SAY I AM DELETING SOME BIRDS AND ADDING SOME TO (TOMS CLOCK).First go to SETUP, then press BACKUP. Get used to doing this and it will save you losing all your hard work.We bring up (TOMS) DATA, check the rings are showing years in DESCENDING ORDER, if not press the bar above the first ring that says ASSOC RINGS until they are When The required rings have been deleted, edited or new birds added, SETUP then BACKUP again.Now Synchronise the clock. If this works go to your Base Station (Which has TOMS clock in it) and start to assign any new rings. Synchronise again. If the clock or Database does lose rings, GO TO SETUP then LOAD BACKUP and the file that opens will show all backups with date and time. Go to your last backup and open. (MESSAGE SAYS THIS WILL DELETE PRESENT DATABASE) OK and it will then load that File and re-instate the database to before you lost your work. The file you want will normally be the very bottom, but just check date and time.It will be easier if you contact me with any problems as you find them and I will do my best to help you. GOOD LUCK
  19. The reason that was given to me concerning the Professional (PROFI) upgrade was a small error that meant you could not enter the 2012 rings. This issue was raised earlier on this site i`m sure.Anyway after downloading the (PROFI) upgrade from the Unikon site I had no bother with 2012 rings and the Club is ready to go in a couple of weeks. Hope this helps, good luck. J12
  20. Good luck to Diazepan and Hiedra for Scotland in to-days Final race. Also our english, Irish, Welsh and any other fanciers that are competing to-day. May the best doo win.
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    Hawk .. Attack

    Sorry to hear of your bad luck Tooshy Boy. For a number of years I have lost two or three birds to BOP, and the final straw was two years ago when only letting them out at weekends I was hit every time I let them out four times in a row That November. (1) All hell let loose when I was entering the loft, I turned to see the Sparrow Hen on the groung behind me. (2)Walked 20 feet up the path and turned to see her on top of a Bl Pied cock. (3) After being alerted by the noise of the crows, I found the Sparrow hen in the next green just starting to strip a yearling Cock. (4) same as (2). By this time I could hardly get the cocks to come out of the loft.In desperation I wondered if I could distract them someway that would at least give the birds a chance to escape. I picked up a set of rope coloured chaser lights and put them on the garage roof. they were lit and put on to a fast blink every time the birds were out. The garage is only six feet from the loft, and I can say that I have had very little losses that I would attribute to BOP. I do not claim this to be an answer to the BOP problem, but it seems to have helped me. best wishes Jake12
  22. Thanks for the welcome guys, and also to the Fifer for his help
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