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    stray birds

    Had a bird return Sunday evening, had been missing since snfc Newbury the week before, he had a note with a phone No. Rang the guy and told me the bird arrived at his loft in Amble on the evening of the race, he fed and watered the bird but he wouldnt leave so keep him isolated for the week then tossed him from Eyemouth on Sunday afternoon. It's always good to know where they've been. When I was a fisherman we got many GB rung strays on the boat and I always put a note on their legs and had many phonecalls of thanks and also amazement when they knew their birds had in some cases landed on the boat around 100 miles East of Shetland ??) Many thanks to Mr Spears of Amble for looking after my bird ;)
  2. Possiby a couple of 2 year olds and 2 yearlings, 475 miles to me
  3. North of Scotland Fed. up at 06:15 at Leicester
  4. North of Scotland Fed up at Rotherham 07:45 in no wind, brilliant sunshine cheers Blue Tooner
  5. That is per bird, we race 65-70 youngbirds all on the darkness system.
  6. 3/4s oz a.m. depurative 3/4oz p.m. young bird no maize maize added to y/b mix when racing begins last 3 evening feeds. Cheers Blue Tooner
  7. We are using UNIKON professional (version 2.85) do we upgrade to 2.86? Got letter last week from UNIKON about upgrade but this was for UNIKON CHAMP, it didn't mention anything about upgrade for Unikon professional, but see there is upgrade available for professional to v2.86 on www.pigeon-ets.com. Do we take it or not?
  8. Bird belongs to Harry Hailwood Peterhead & District Telephone Mr Willie Lawson ((01779) 472406 Willie helps Harry out with the pigeons as Harry works away a lot.
  9. Hi Johnny11, I have sent you a PM. Cheers Blue Tooner
  10. DOVEScot which Reid's are your relatives, my grandparents were Reids Chickadee which Ina is your cousin my mum is an Ina. I measured Ian McKay up long before Blackpool, but this job is not all bad, our young birds always get single tossed from the crem in Aberdeen, get's them right before the young bird national!!!
  11. Hello all, have just joined the site, my name is Stuart Maskame and fly in partnership as Maskame & Mackie with my cousin up here in Petehread, Aberdeenshire (The Blue Toon) we are both funeral Directors and have been labelled locally as the flying undertakers. I am also the scribe for the North of Scotland Federation, which is where the name Blue Tooner comes from. Cheers Blue Tooner.
  12. Yep you've got it in one DOVEScot, North of Scotland Fed. P.R.O. otherwise known as the flying undertaker (Maskame & Mackie) "Blue Tooner"
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