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  1. Welcome to Pigeon Basics Brian we hope you enjoy the site , and good luck with your new hobby
  2. :emoticon-0123-party: Welcome to the dark side lol
  3. get a ideal block and crumble it up add to a light feed wheat barley small seeds and put some live natural yoghurt and brewers yeast and juice from 1 lemon on corn I bet dropping be firm then


    John Miler / Saltire couriers ????
  5. Sorry to hear that mate , hope you get rest back ......
  6. Sorry to hear your all having bad losses , hope they turn in for ya and keep yer teams for next year must be devastating
  7. Very true Just hope the madness doesn't hit and effect racing
  8. oh dear , hopefully this has been nipped in the bud !!!
  9. Good luck George , hope all goes well
  10. All the best for the future Colin
  11. A few more gone today up to Scotland after a loft visit not many stock / race team left now , then young birds be up for sale , loft visit welcomed pick your own
  12. Happy birthday Archie and Kev hope you both have a great day :emoticon-0167-beer: :emoticon-0123-party:
  13. Well done on your first post Hashon , we hope to see many more , obviously you have been enjoying the site , join in a great site to be apart of
  14. All clear from the hospital they said the lumps are been caused by my medication so have to go back to doctors to sort that out ......
  15. Cheers guys good luck with them glad you're pleased with them
  16. no bother hope you get sorted
  17. maybe ask Mac1 or treble D or ken if know someone treble D may be able to hand it to one of there drivers ???


    Best way to learn good on him and well done you
  19. 07806 694027 Andy stokes courier great service
  20. Loft for sale On tantalised 2 inch planks these cost £200 loft is 8 years old and still in good condition all internal boxes are included in the sale viewings welcome , loft is 28ft x 6ft 2 x 8ft x 6 and 2 x 6 x 6 sections Loft in Scarborough open to offers Selling as one lot
  21. 1 ,4 , 6 , 8 , 11 all £60 with a free young hen or 2 pairs for £100 , only these and young birds left , rest of young birds be put up once these all gone , then will have more room to take photos of the few remaining young birds which wont be many at all. Thanks Regards Mark
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