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  1. I think that's where he is going to get them from.
  2. Bluepied80

    Leen Boers

    Hi all my friend is looking at purchasing leen boers this year is there anyone on there thats got them and do they do very well with them? Any info on these would be most appreciated.
  3. Cheers where can I get the universal cable from?
  4. Hi can you link up bricon with the unikon system ? Many thanks
  5. Some of the hens are last years babies and are looking at the cocks like what the hell am im meant to be doing
  6. Hi everyone what do people think is the best way to pair yearlings up on widowhood system?
  7. Good Afternoon Does anyone know how to report a french pigeon i had this yb come into me A couple of weeks ago with a rubber on it?
  8. Cheers guys my club use unikon and bricon looking atit the bricon seems easier to use
  9. Hi all Just a quick one whats people suggestions on unikon or bricon? which would people go for
  10. they are on multi bits today and tomorrow then was going to start it on Tuesday
  11. Hi Yesterday I treated for worms the dac tablets ones and I've got the Harkers cocci liquid could I start treatment the pigeons 2-3 days after their working treatment or would I be better off leaving a week Cheers
  12. Cheers Alex I did ok this year so just worried if I change it it all could go wrong
  13. Hi all Does any one use versele laga I.c plus black label corn someone told me it is very good I normally use their super widowhood mix with super diet mix,does anyone know what is the same in this new I.c plus range?
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