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  1. Certainly different, and strange finding my way around, but I dare say We will get used to it .....Better than the Forum closing down .🕊️
  2. NEHU 2016 HOU 980 picked up Today in Leeds, very flown down....has EST Ring on.
  3. Me too, crack on....... :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  4. Been using the Ropa b liquid in the water for the past few months, after I treated for Worms, Cocci etc and they have never looked so healthy, also using the Ropa Vitamins too........wouldn't be without it now.
  5. Having just looked on the RPRA website they look that white/grey colour......


    The Scottish missed the only chance they are ever going to get, to rid themselves of the tyrants and corrupt Westminster gangsters......It wasn't about voting for Alex Salmond, it was about getting rid of the parasite British Government.......TOO LATE NOW !!!

    Sprint Racing

    Yes will be sending ybs off to the first Newark on Gerry Plus, diat upon return and beans, peas and tares for a feed or two...... then thinking of going onto natural sport maxi x v/l sport extra.... any thoughts ?

    Sprint Racing

    How far can you race ybs up to on just Gerry Plus...?
  9. Thank you black dog......
  10. Got a black YB in today ring no GB 14 D 21365, any info on it please anyone.........?
  11. Groves to win by knock out, the fight was "gifted" to froch by a bent referee last time.......
  12. DAVIDL


    don't forget, the minimum wage is going up by 1%, that's an extra 19p per hour.......so work 5 hours and get another 95p while the queen gets a wage increase of 5 million because she is struggling, the mps an 11% increase and the bankers an extra 44% on bonus`s.
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