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north of scot fed strathkinness y/b 4 02/09/23


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10 hours ago, tigger ritchie said:

Muck spreader  or farmer like to spread it 

has    john   given   u  permission  to  post    yer we all know what u are *expletive removed* licker comes to mind  and i,ll fight back with the truth   and thats the truth the only muck spreader is u and your mates 


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3 hours ago, tigger ritchie said:

Now Alan this post not about John it your reply to vagin you need to keep your view to your self and if you want to miss call me  start looking in the mirror 

well  your   well  known as johns puppet thats y your nick name is Orville    and u and john have pulled some snide tricks in your time  and u have never had a  true opinion of your own just what he tells u to say and hides in the back ground  and regards your scum mate gavin its there for all to see  they should google it  they will get a shock 

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