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Natural hens


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Anyone race hens on natural for sprinting at all if so do you train a fair bit or flag at a certain times 

I have a idea of just pairing 6 hens so they sit eggs from early April rearing youngsters in May so it’s the first nest of the year etc 

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Hi Neil. 

Celibate in one forum , paired here! guess you’re covering options. (We race total widowhood as races of interest are plus 300 miles cunlike your the distance of your aimed races)

There may be some fanciers .. I don’t know any but potentially of interest is a similar method to your plan that was performed by one of the best hen fanciers of all time namely Louis (Lou) Wouters of    's-Gravenwezel . A number of lofts were famous in Antwerp and Kempen  in the mid 70’s , very good relatively small lofts at middle distance but once Willem Geerts arrived most disappeared , soon after larger lofts started to eventually appear . One small loft (in terms of numbers) and was a real competition is that of Lou Wouters . Bird for bird an excellent fancier . (They say never meet you hero’s and there is a nice story why I never got to , another day ) . 

Lou paired the hens up so the first important race of the season was chipping eggs (first middle distance race so that was first weekend of May so I guess prep races on eggs from Noyon etc) but as you say first nest  of the year . Louis then proceeded to have the hen feed the young for the next 3 weeks.  The rest of the season widowhoood . I am told William Geerts raced 6 hens on the same system one year and became Union and National champion with results primarily those birds results . 

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How interesting pretty much exactly what I was heading towards in my head 

I have some lovely  yearling hens and  I like the idea of celibacy but thinking as we all  do more and more and I started thinking of a yearling hens on there first nest ever potential for 6-7 weeks of her experiencing the first pairing to eggs to young plus they would be super fit by the time they are paired by flying unpaired during March 

i am in two minds to be honest 

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18 hours ago, sapper756 said:

Keep us posted on how these 6 hens perform over the 2023 season. 

In two minds what to do I have my 20 cocks I keep looking at the hens although some  very good fanciers have told me for sprinting not to race there hens   As I seem to get by with the Vicks but I do have 7 extra hens plus I have a 4 retired cocks that I haven’t bred out of but kind of put them to one side plus two June bred cocks that I could add to the 4 . i am weighing up if it’s worth it or not  


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