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Phone in-auction

Guest Gareth Rankin

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Guest Gareth Rankin

Quality LateBred Phone-in Auction


In Aid of the Robert Owen Autistic Unit in Lanark, Lanarkshire Scotland This School which my own son David Rankin attends requires equipment for the special sensory room. This equipment is vital to allow the children’s development and it possesses the best chances available in their upbringing and education in their lives. Sixteen pigeons are on offer from some of the top pigeon fanciers within Scotland and as this is a worthy cause they have as usual gifted them from their very very best bloodlines.



Lot 1           G Rankin & Son, Larkhall

We start the sale with one direct from our stock loft which is a grand dam to grand son mating and is full of winning bloodlines that have performed well for us over the years.

Sire Mealy cock specially bred latebred in 2006 from Westbound Kedir 5 times a winner at SNFC races when paired to Westbound Rainbow 1st west sect 9th open Tours 2006.

Dam is our No1 stock hen which is Deweerdt from our original Deweerdt pair, she is dam, grand dam and great grand dam to countless winners from 200 to 611 miles including Westbound Kedir.


Lot 2           Tom McEwen, Elphinstone

Tom is Mr Consistent when it comes to SNFC races between 500/ 673 miles at present he is at the top of his game with recent 1st open SNFC Tours in 2005.

Sire is the nest mate to Petit Rose winner of 1st open SNFC Tours 611 miles.

Dam winner of 11th open SNFC Falaise 2 in 2006 the sire’s of both the parents are full brothers and are direct from Tom’s Niort cock who won 1st sect 4th open SNFC Niort 673 miles he in turn is a son of Marlene’s Boy 1st open SNFC Sartilly.


Lot 3           R P Combe, Elphinstone

Richard has gifted a cracker and is closely bred to his champion SNFC Gold Award Winner Midnight Son.

Sire is half brother to Midnight Son whose performances are as follows: 62nd Reims, 7th & 37th Sartilly, 131st & 153rd Rennes and 16th & 241st Frome. Midnight Son is sire and grand sire to many winners including Jim Sanderson 6th open SNFC Tours 2005 winner.

Dam is a direct daughter of Midnight Son.


Lot 4           Dennis N Dall, Ladybank

Dennis promises that whoever purchases this late bred will receive one from one of his top racers he is one of the true greats in the history of the SNFC and more recently the SNRPC. Having won 1st open Niort 697 miles and 2 Gold Awards with the SNFC. Dennis’ performances this season are 6th open Wanstead Flats, 4th open Reims and 8th open Tours in the SNRPC.


Lot 5          R & M Seaton, Annan

Roy has kindly donated a quality bred youngster;

Sire bred by George MacAloney & Son Coatbridge

Dam is a full sister to Roy and Marion’s 2 SNFC 2007 Newbury and Maidstone winners. To win 2 SNFC races in the same year is amazing, being a brother and sister is something quite stupendous.


Lot 6          Derek & Linda Hay, Kirkintilloh

This is one of the most competitive lofts in the country from club through to the ultimate test of channel racing from France.

Sire is a blue 2yo stock cock who is a double grand son of Jim Hannah’s Blue Girl 1st west sect 2nd open SNFC Sartilly this cock has already bred 2 winners this season. Dam is a 2006 late bred for stock from their No1 Jock Allan stock hen that was paired to J & J Hood’s from Milton of Campsie No1 Jock Allan stock cock, both of these pigeons have bred a long list of winners to 630 miles for each of these successful partnerships.


Lot 7          Alan Darragh Cullybackey

Alan is without doubt one of the most successful long distance fanciers in the UK he has won the INFC on 5 occasions with a list of successful positions as long as your arm. Alan says ‘Whoever purchases this youngster for this worthwhile cause can have one direct from the winning prize winners from France or if they so wish can have  one the same way bred from the stock pigeons the choice is up to the successful bidder’.


Lot 8          E Hodgeson & Son, Kilpatrick Fleming

This is one of the most consistent lofts within Scotland with 5 SNFC wins to their credit as well as establishing their family of Starview Busschaerts which win for other fanciers the length and breadth of the UK.

Sire is a son of his SHU Dewar Trophy winner who is a son of Starview Pegasus 1st open SNFC.

Dam is a grand daughter of Starview Pegasus.


Lot 9          G MacAloney & Son Coatbridge

This partnership is without doubt one of the best federation fliers in not just the UK but Europe, their record over the past 25 years is phenomenal as they average from 5/7 federation wins a year against 6,000 to 10,000 birds in the competitive Lanarkshire federation. George and William have promised this auction something very special and you only have to look at Roy and Marion Seton’s performances to see the quality housed in the MacAloney loft.

Updated 27/07/07 The young bird this partnership have donated is a Gaby Vandenabeele of M & D Evans bloodlines, Sire is direct of TC when mated to Amber Louise. Dam is mother to several federation winners and is direct from the famous pairing of M & D Evans Jester & Carrie.


Lot 10     Jim Donaldson, Peterhead

Jim is the master at the long distance races into the UK with a host of top performances stretching over decades into the north of Scotland.

Sire won 5th Fed Hastings, 1st fed Hastings 470 miles, 9th sect SNFC Clermont 589 miles, 5th sect SNFC Chenoise 634 miles, and 1st sect Tours 707 miles.

Dam won was Jim’s 1st pigeon in the SNFC young bird national flying 339 miles in 2006 and is a daughter from his outstanding Gold Award winner Reims Girl, who won 3 x 1st sections and 2 x 2nd sections beaten by loft mates. It is also worth observing that Reims Girl is the furthest flying winner in 31 years to receive the Gold Award.


Lot 11     Joe Murphy, Thornton

Joe as people will know is one of the top scribes in the UK who works his socks of promoting the sport in Scotland and has been very generous by giving this sale a superbly well bred young bird from his stock loft.

Sire is a Jim Cullen cock from SU 01 L 15032 winning 242nd Le Ferte Barnard, 126th Falaise, 53rd Tours and 70th Tours flown the channel 8 times, he was paired to SU00 L 17269 the Andrew Deans hen daughter of Pied Hen who won 5 times from Sartilly.

Dam is SU 02 P 4782 bred by Dale Newcombe and the dam of Kevin’s 33rd SNFC Falaise winner; 4782 is a daughter of Kardale Style (Gold Award Winner) when paired to Kardale Regarta (Gold Award Winner)


Lot 12      Jim Hannah, Blantyre

Jim has promised a young bird from his excellent family of pigeons that has been winning in the SNFC for more than 30 years.

Sire is a 3 year old cock that won Maidstone in 2006 and was earmarked for Tours when it was cancelled. He is a grandson of Queen who won 4 top positions in the SNFC including 2nd west sect 21st Open Rennes.

Dam is a red pied hen direct from Pied Queen winner of 1st west sect 13th open Rennes 1998.


Lot 13      Crombie & Meechan, Annan

This partnership has won the SNFC 3 times

Sire is a black cock they bought from David Jamieson formerly from Annan he is the grand sire of Shawhill Lady 1st open SNFC Chenoise in 2003 and the sire of their 6th section SNFC Alencon 2007 winner.

Dam is a blue hen a daughter of Shawhill Prince who won 2nd and 5th open SNFC Gold Cup races from Liege and Reims when he was paired to the aforementioned Shawhill Lady.


Lot 14     Jim Cullen, Uddingston

Jim has a record that is second to none, he concentrates solely on Channel racing with the SNFC and in this years Kings Cup race from Alencon he timed 4 out of his 5 entries on the result in what was a difficult race.

Sire is Jim’s 1st pigeon from the Kings Cup race who won 7th section 41st open and this cock is a grandson of his good hen that won 2nd sect 8th open Chenoise in 2003. Dam is a grand daughter of 1st sect 8th open Clermont 2002.


Lot 15      Ralston V Graham, Langholm

A truly great all-round fancier who wins from 60/560 miles with great consistency:  Sire is from a son of Auld Reekie 1st Open SNFC La Ferte Bernard in 2004 when paired to a daughter of Eskvalley Jacky SNFC Gold Award winner.

Dam is daughter of Eskvalley Champion 1st open SNFC Reims 2003 when paired to Eskvalley Jacky.


Lot 16      G Rankin & Son, Larkhall

Sire is Red cock that won from SNFC Reims in 2003 before going into the stock lost after breeding successful pigeons such as Westbound Kedir see lot 1 and Westbound Gallant 6th open Lillie with the Lanarkshire federation.

Dam is Westbound Rainbow winner of 15th west section 58th open Falaise, 12th west section 166th open Falaise and 1st west section 9th open SNFC Tours in 2006.


The Auction will start on the Sunday the 29th July and it will run from 13.00 hours through to 20.00 hours. The starting bid on all pigeons will be £50.00 and all successful bidders will be notified between 20.00 and 22.00 hours the same evening.

I would like to thank each of these top class fanciers who have kindly donated a late bred to this sale, the proceeds will make a huge difference to the children at the school’. Let’s hope we can achieve our goal and purchase enough equipment to satisfy the children’s needs.


Gareth Rankin

38 Burnhead Road




Telephone Gareth on 01698 300864 or mobile 07834230032


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Guest TAMMY_1
  i don't know how this sale is going but I will offer £75.00 for lot 15


think the clue is in the heading Paddymac where it says phone in auction and u r given the phone number and times of the phone in

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hi gareth

great unit based at robert owen school

one lad i used to take to this unit who had dyslexia now he has moved onto a boarding school in newcastle he is reckoned to be one of the top ten academics for his age in the uk  the work done in robert owen gave him a great start in life that might have been missed if he had not attended this school


speak to you on sunday with my bid


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Guest stevie-b

i hope your pigeons raise the roof because itsa tremendous jesture not only from you but the top class fanciers who have donated pigeons .

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I offer 1 hen, in my opinion that will found a loft.

and to the would be purchaser,i give you  this gaurantee that if she has not bred you birds to fly and score from 600 miles plus in 3 years time i will buy her back from you for £100.


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Guest Gareth Rankin

Firstly i would like to thank the Webmaster in giving me great publicity for this great cause and i would also like to thank all the great comments i have received since putting forward my threrad on the pigeonbasics website.

Thanks Lads

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gareth you and your dad have always gave birds to help others, what about donations, i would like to make a donation and i'm sure some of the other members of pigeon basics would like to too :)

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Guest Gareth Rankin

Yes Geordie donations would be most welcome, any size of donation at all would help this fundraising event.

If anyone would like to donate send a cheque or cash if prefered to the address above with the cheques being made out to "G Rankin".

The price all lots make will be displayed in the BHW with a photo of the cheque also being presented to the Robert Owen Autistic unit.



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Guest Gareth Rankin



Thanks for your donation of a pigeon to be auctioned, a very kind gesture indeed,

What i will do is add onto the sale list that was published in the Bhw, but if our fellow pigeonbasics members on this site would like to bid for this pigeon that you have kindly donated this could be posted on this page within pigeonbasics. But remember only this pigeon as i would be pulling my hair out trying to keep up with 2 phones as well as this website especially when it comes near the end of the auction at 20.00 hours.


Thanks Jimmy




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Guest Gareth Rankin


Lot 4 D N Dall

Dennis phoned last night to tell myself that whoever purchases his young bird, will have the pick of 2 pairs of pigeons.


Pair 1 is from a Blue ch hen that won twice with the Scottish National Racing Pigeon Club being 6th open Wanstead flats and also 4th open in the gold medal race from Reims, outstanding pigeon to put up such performances.


Pair 2

Will be from his good Red Hen that has scored from France 5 times at distances around the 600 miles mark including Reims this year were she took 28th open with the SNRPC.


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Guest Gareth Rankin



















Fantastic sale

over the moon


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Guest Gareth Rankin

This was how the sale ended which made a total of !!!! wait for it !!!!!  £3131.00 for 16 pigeons which avaeraged approx £196.00, i hoped they would avaerage £100 but to get double that this speaks volumes for the generosity within our great sport.

Really chuffed to bits how it all went, from the breeders to the buyers i would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of them also to Webmaster for giving the sale it's own place within this site.


1-351 :o :o

2-200 :)

3-205 :)

4-305 :)

5-150 :)

6-140 :)

7-305 :)

8-80 :)

9-180 :)

10-220 :)

11-85 :)

12-150 :)

13-90 :)

14-170 :)

15-150 :)

16-350 :o:)


I Will post up all the donations once they are received.

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